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10 Best Longboards For Cruising & College in 2019 ( Honest Review – Buyer’s Guide )

Looking for the best longboard may be a tough task. In this article, we are going to offer you help and guidance to choose the best longboard for cruising and college too.
first, we are going to answer the most frequent question about longboard buying guide and also what you need to look when you want to buy your first longboard.

Longboard buying guide

Picking the most convenient longboard

Longboarding is an extraordinary method to breathe easy on the end of the week, get around town, or simply have a ton of fun. In any case, when you select a longboard, you have to consider something beyond what looks cool. Settling on what style of longboarding you mean to do will enable you to limit your initial search with fundamental decisions. From that point, a closer examination of the board itself will enable you to locate the correct blend of highlights for your requirements. Finally, being merely as basic with your board’s different parts will additionally customize your ride.

Coordinating essential needs with fundamental decisions

Expect distinctive styles of longboarding to require diverse levels of skill. In case you’re perusing this, odds are you’re new to longboarding, so stay with “cruising” for the present time. This essentially implies utilizing your longboard as a simple method for transportation on smooth ground. As you turned out to be more acquainted with this level, you can advance to further developed structures like:

Freestyling, which concentrates more on doing tricks as opposed to traveling distances.

Freeriding, which includes more hills and specialized moves while riding.

Downhill longboarding, which focuses on high hills and high speeds and requires extremely precise moves.

Take into account the width and length



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consider width as the essential concern while thinking about the board’s measurements. Ensure the board’s width is no not exactly your shoe size since your feet will regularly be set with your toes and rear areas indicating either side, as opposed to its front and back.

From that point onward, choose to what extent you need your board to be. Remember that.

 It is known that The more lengthy the board, the more balanced your ride would be. In any case, your height plays a major role as well.

So while taller individuals will enjoy the longest boards, shorter riders and youthful youngsters will profit more by downsizing.

Moderate size boards are for the majority of time the most adaptable and secure decision for apprentices.

Select the correct profile for your deck


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The “deck” is truly the board that you’ll be rolling on. When you decide what shape and size you need, look for how each deck looks in profile. Anticipate that decks will come in three profiles: flat, camber, or rocker. Cambered decks (that ascend in the center) are appropriate for cruising, however in case you’re intriguing in doing more than that, likewise consider:

flat decks, that are ideally level from front to back (excluding kicktails). These are the most suited for freestyling.

Rockers, that dip in the center and are good for freeriding and downhill.

Settle on flexibility. Check whether the deck’s flexibility is appraised as either soft, soft/medium, medium/tough, or tough. Expect “soft” to be the most shock resistant (and perfect for cruising). Be that as it may, in the event that you expect to move past cruising, pick:

for cruising and freestyling go for soft/medium.

for cruising and freeriding you need to go fo Medium/tough.

tough for downhill.

Pick regardless of whether to have a kicktail or not

Anticipate that a few decks will incorporate a kicktail in the back, while others don’t. It is possible that one is consummately fine for beginners, so run with your gut as opposed to think a lot about it. Simply know that:

Kicktails empower you to make quicker turns and more helpful in case you’re keen on learning tricks.

Having no kicktail turns out your ride to be more steady, which might turn this to be perfect in case you’re a learner who’s stressed over keeping yourself stable.

Pick a hardness.

Search for a rating communicated by a number pursued by the letter “A,” such as”70A.” This demonstrates the wheel’s durometer or the wheels’ hardness. Anticipate that softer wheels will assimilate more stun and give more grip, and harder wheels to provide you with high pace. grounded upon your requirements, pick:

A durometer which is approximately 78A for basic cruising as well as downhill longboarding.

A 86A durometer or something like that for freestyling and freeriding.

Best Longboards In 2018

Get ready to sink into the world of longboards!  One among the most interesting extreme sports is skateboarding. it is not for a particular age, neither for a specific gender, nor an elitist group of users.

This sport is for everyone that admires skateboarding. so as to benefit the most out of this extreme sport, you may need to pick the board that matches your expectations. We have written this article grounded on the purpose to make users pick the most convenient longboard.

Luckily, you can now effectively locate a moderate and solid longboard with this broad purchaser’s guide. Toward the finish of this purchasing guide, you would have picked up everything there is to think about picking the most durable longboards.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

best longboards

On the off chance that you looking for a moderate longboard with a reasonable price, you might need to check the Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser it is unquestionably an amazing choice. Indeed, many see this as truly outstanding under 100 from the Ten Toes Board brand.

The way that it is not overpriced is one among its most noticeable advantages. Beside its reasonable value, you will likewise feel satisfied as you are going to realize that this longboard can give you an ideal and smooth ride in a decent, warm climate.

It is likewise brought to you in different colors, so picking one, which impeccably accommodates your identity, is conceivable. It brags of its decent Californian look by guaranteeing that the bamboo material utilized in it is cut into a pleasant design and shape.

Besides being outstanding amongst other cruising boards, it likewise works for different sorts of ride. It has tracks and tires that ensure that each ride will be smooth and agreeable.

keep in mind that this is a bamboo board, as well. The deck is built out of bamboo and is approximately 44 inches long, fitting most of its riders.

In the event that you are searching for good apprentice longboards, at that point you will likewise discover this choice genuinely proper in light of the fact that it rolls at all surfaces and territories, including pavements.


  • Not expensive
  • Functions admirably for beginners and also for the individuals who want to utilize it for cruising
  •  Durable and vigorous, on account of its aluminum truck
  •  Amazing design simple to ride and move
  •  Provides an adhesive control with its 80AB grip tape


  •  Several riders find it too flexible for their first choice.


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The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

best longboards

It is additionally, fortunately, possible for you to enjoy the Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard.

It has been brought up to you with a reasonable price, turning it out to be ideal for the individuals who are on a financial plan. Truth be told, it likewise falls under the best under 100 longboard class. Additionally, it is approximately 44 inches long, the board development of this longboard is grounded on a multiply-ply super-flex artisan bamboo.

Quest includes 70-mm polyurethane wheels that additionally boast of an 80A durometer. The wheels are likewise attached with the precision ABEC bearings into the aluminum trucks. What is great about this modest longboard choice is that it splendidly suits beginners and in addition the individuals who are as yet taking in the fundamentals of free riding as well.

It has different highlights which are equipped for fulfilling every last longboarding need of longboarders. The ideal wheel measure enables you to adjust things and thus you can appreciate a smooth ride.

On the off chance that you truly need to appreciate calm ride at that point Quest’s Super Cruiser is made for you! Another amazing element this longboard brought up with an interesting kick tail which enables you to give a prompt shot.

Because of its multi-employ deck that includes bamboo and maple, you can likewise anticipate this as one of those Quest longboards that are really lightweight. It makes it get on the board and ride fast. The two materials likewise give the deck some flex; along these lines, the board is appropriate for different riding surfaces.

This is likewise one of those bamboo Quest skateboards that function admirably on the off chance that you need to perform tricks and utilize freeride longboards. What’s more, it comes with a kick tail, which you can use to do some tight moves and turns, providing a stable and fun ride.


  •  Not expensive longboard, ideal for the individuals who are on a financial plan
  •  Utilizes a blend of bamboo and maple materials, turning the board lightweight
  •  Simple to move and control – on account of the built-in kick tail
  •  Highlights a tastefully satisfying design
  •  Appropriate for different riding surfaces


  •  Not excessively strong.
  •  Some youthful riders may discover the board too long.


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Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

best longboards

In the event that you are looking for the best freestyle longboards that you can successfully use for driving; then the 39-inch drop-through freestyle longboard from Playshion is unquestionably for you.

Playshion is usually is a prominent company known for the best skateboards longboards. The longboard by Playshion that we will discuss today is outstanding amongst other drop-through longboards out there, consequently, prepare yourselves.

We adore how the Playshion boards can be utilized for several riding styles, the Playshion longboard has additionally been considered as the best longboard for amateurs. These longboards are useful for essentially any riding style, not only for showing off your tricks.

This is additionally a standout amongst the most flexible and multifunctional freestyle longboards that you can discover.

This is additionally a standout amongst the most flexible and multifunctional longboards that you can discover. It is on the grounds that it works for different applications incorporating cruising, bending, downhill riding, freeride, and sliding.

It includes a deck developed out of an 8-ply hardwood maple, which is tough enough while as yet keeping up a decent degree of flexing. It additionally includes strong 7-inch aluminum reverse kingpin trucks that provide ease with regards to sliding.

Something else that is great about this longboard is its 4-inch ground clearance comes up with by its drop-through mounting innovation. Such ground clearance turns the board simple to push as it is closer to the ground.

Braking is additionally simple with simply the utilization of your correct foot. This is additionally a standout amongst the inexpensive cruising longboards that you can discover in the market today, which makes it a great venture.


  •  Up to 250-lb. weight constraint, accommodating different clients and riders.
  •  Adaptable and multifunctional.
  •  Makes utilization of powerful aluminum reverse kingpin trucks.
  •  Simple to oversee and move.
  •  Lightweight, so you can easily bear it.


  •  The wheels are very high-pitched on the trucks are not rust-proof.


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MAGIC UNION 41 Inch Maple Drop Down Longboard Complete Skateboard

best longboards

In the event that you are looking for the best dropdown longboard then likely your most solid choice is the MAGIC UNION Maple Dropdown Longboard, which is around 41 inches long.

It is really a financial low plan alternative considering its low cost while as yet keeping its quality and sturdiness. For example, it makes utilization of a fantastic material for its deck, particularly the 9-ply super flex maple prominent for its solidness.

The deck is also durable and sufficiently strong that it can convey clients who are up to 330 lbs. in weight. Such high weight utmost can likewise be ascribed to the way that the longboard utilizes a powder-covered aluminum truck around 7 Inches in size.

It additionally guarantees clients that they will appreciate a smooth and calm ride with the guide of its ABEC-11 chrome steel bearing known for its high pace.

Additionally, it is known for its adaptability. It is on the grounds that it fits the standards of different skateboarding and longboarding fans of all age gatherings. Besides, most clients are extraordinarily happy with the heat-transferred option utilized on the board.

It is on the grounds that it is sturdier and will, in general, work superior to the sticker choice. This longboard 41-inch deck, which is grounded on flexibility and tough maple additionally, includes a pleasant surface with the guide of its grip.


  •  Can deal with clients who weigh up to 330 lbs.
  •  Costs not a huge amount of money.
  •  Ensures a smooth and calm ride with the assistance of its bearings.
  •  Highlights a PU stun resistant ring for cushion and solace.
  •  Multifunctional and adaptable as it is reasonable for different applications.


  • Updates on the trucks may be fundamental for better performance.


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VOLADOR 42inch freeride longboard complete cruiser

best longboards

On the off chance that you are searching for the best freeride longboards then the VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser would provide you with extreme fulfillment, you will get a freeride longboard, which is fit for rolling at a high pace and provide you with control over your turns amid dangerous situations.

It likewise counteracts mischance on the off chance that you are looking for downhill racing. What’s shockingly better about this longboard is that riding this does not need excessive stamina.

You will likewise see that 180-mm aluminum trucks utilized in this longboard. Such trucks additionally improve the look of the longboard and match it up with a pleasant matte dark surface.

One additional thing that is so pleasurable about this longboard is that it provides you with balance while riding, making it perfect as you ride downhill. This longboard catches the eyes of numerous clients on account of its lightweight in spite of being 42-inch long

Besides, it accompanies a tape, which adheres to the board, consequently boosting its grip. It additionally takes pride in its design and shape that provides simplicity when you turn.

Besides, it accompanies a tape, which adheres to the board, consequently boosting its hold. It additionally takes pride in its structure and shape that advance simplicity in turning. It is additionally able for going as fast as you ride it at a high pace and keeping up its precision because of its ABEC 9 bearings that provide a rapid and smooth ride.


  •  Exceptionally solid and sturdy while holding its lightweight– on account of its maple wood longboard deck.
  •  Comes up with at flexible and adaptable trunks for quick and sharp turns.
  •  Exceptionally steady while being shock-absorbent.
  •  Available in different colors and highlights an exceptional and pleasant design.
  •  Provides a quick and smooth ride.


  •  Inclined to breaking if not appropriately used with caution.


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MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch Drop Deck

best longboards

On the off chance that you lean toward utilizing a drop deck longboard then this 40-inch drop deck longboard built from maple wood suggested to you by MINORITY is a standout amongst the most suggested items for you.

This longboard boasts of its vintage downhill drop model construction. This enables it to have a low-gravity design, which makes it appropriate for a wide range of speed rides.

Built out of 100% 8-ply cold pressed hard shake maple wood deck, it is guaranteed for both balance and solidness of this longboard.

Consolidate that with the board’s 37-inch wheelbase and also its deck, which is approximately 10 inches wide and you will without a doubt appreciate a steady downhill platform. The deck additionally has all that could possibly be needed of quality that it is fit for conveying riders who are up to 220 lbs.

Such trucks likewise utilize a kingpin and carbon steel axle, which you can modify around the range of 45 and 50 degrees, subsequently providing the rider with its flexibility.

It likewise functions admirably to cruising and carving. It has 70-mm PU wheels in addition to the ABEC-9 precision bearings that guarantee you can turn the board effortlessly.

The amazing mobility of this kind of longboarding alternative is likewise one of its most exceptional characteristics. Besides, it has decent and cool designs that are sturdy enough as in they have a lower danger of bleaching with time.


  •  Low-gravity design, making it proper for high pace rides.
  •  Exceedingly steady and solid – on account of the hard rock maple wood utilized in the deck.
  •  Can fit clients up to 220 lbs.
  •  Simple to move and utilize.
  •  Highlights decent and cool illustrations that won’t blur after some time.


  •  The nuts attached to the trucks are not rust proof.


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RIMABLE Drop-through Longboard (41-inch)

best longboards

Another fantastic choice for the individuals who are looking for a solid drop-through longboard is this 41-inch item suggested by RIMABLE. This RIMABLE longboard plans to give you an energizing and pleasant riding background each time you utilize it.

Among the most interesting highlights of this RIMABLE longboard are it’s wheels. It makes utilization of the 70-mm PU longboard wheels that are solid enough and can deal with unpleasant roads.

The structure utilized in the wheel further makes the longboard steady as well as rapid. The wheels can be required to grip well on any surface while keeping up its balance.

Considering that, you don’t need to stress over the wheels wobbling in the event that you choose to roll fast. It likewise takes pride in its covered maple deck. This particular longboard setup for the deck is appealing while at the same time guaranteeing safe turns and quick rides

The deck material is additionally strong and durable. It can even help heavier clients. You will likewise see how compelling it is in the event that you need to try different things with different cruising systems and any riding style.

Besides that, you will discover its 7-inch aluminum truck valuable as it keeps the longboard safe and with the ABEC-9 longboard heading utilized in this riding item, you are additionally ensured of their consistent speed.

The truck is anything but difficult to adjust while providing ease in giving the wheels a chance to run easily and ride rapidly.


  •  Solid wheels equipped for dealing with unpleasant terrains.
  •  Stable design that can hold well on different surfaces.
  •  Wheels can move easily and expediently.
  •  Perfect for cruising and for learning different riding styles and tricks.
  •  Bearings don’t get wasted too rapidly.


  •  The wheels are inclined to get dirty quickly.


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Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

best longboards

On the off chance that you need to put your money into bamboo longboards then you will likewise definitely feel fulfilled in the event that you pick the Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard. It is a standout amongst the cheapest bamboo longboards you can discover in the market today, yet they remain holding their quality and solidness.

It has an eye-catching longboard deck, which is manufactured out of hardwood maple and bamboo.

You can utilize it for doing tricks and moving considering the way that it likewise includes a helpful kicktail. One preferred standpoint of this bamboo longboarding alternative is that it gives a fabulous combination of a road skateboard and a longboard.

It can likewise give you a greatly advantageous and simple riding venture.

Besides, it has 65-mm PU wheels that are ensured to be both durable and strong. Such wheels enable you to let the longboard quicken in a high pace.

The 34-inch length of this longboard is likewise sufficiently adaptable that it is ideal for the majority of riding styles. This is, in this way, one of the Quest longboards is ensured to give their clients a chance to appreciate in view of their flexibility.

It can provide you with the best price benefits since besides being offered at a low price, you will get a conventionally performing item.

It is a standout amongst other longboards for beginners as it can introduce you with the essentials of longboarding. In addition, it is a strong longboard for driving, cruising, and carving.


  •  Simple to move due to its manufactured kicktail.
  •  Gives a decent traction within your shoes and the board.
  •  Incorporated with strong aluminum trucks.
  •  Durable and strong wheels that move so fast.
  •  Very adaptable.


  •  The graphics on the deck might easily get scratched.


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Volador 46inch Maple Dancing Longboardbest longboards

Picking the Volador 46-inch Dancing Longboard from will likewise clearly provide you with the most extreme fulfillment.

With its 100% maple deck fabric, you will in a flash of time notice how strong and durable this longboard is. It really makes utilization of the intense and strong 8-ply cold-pressed rock maple wood for the deck while as yet holding its flexibility.

Besides that, its 46-inch long and 37-inch wheelbase, which is open enough, all included so as to make this item a really steady and strong moving longboard.

One noteworthy advantage that you will quickly notice in this longboard is the way that you can, without much of a stretch, move it. The mobility of this board can even work for different skating styles. You just need to make changes on the movable 7-inch certifiable aluminum invert kingpin trucks.

It grandstands an astonishing physical performance in addition guarantees that it will keep on resisting shocks. Moreover, it highlights wheel wells and raiser cushions, in this manner keeping wheel chomps from every spot.

You will likewise feel peaceful each time you perform several tricks as well as do some outrageous turns as this longboard is worked in light of your wellbeing while additionally displaying uncommon mobility.


  •  100% maple deck design, providing durability and strength.
  •  Simple to move for different riding styles and dancing tricks.
  •  Fantastic Fabric utilized for the whole longboard equipment.
  •  Tough enough to resist shocks and averting wheel scratching.
  •  Allows you to do tricks and does interesting turns without worrying over your safety.


  •  The grip tape designs are not as good as expected.


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White Wave Bamboo Longboards

best longboards

Another astounding decision is the White Wave Bamboo Longboard, which many think of as the best kicktail longboard you can discover in the market.

One thing that is so amazing about this longboard is its directional shape. Such shape turns it out to be an ideal decision for the individuals who are hunting down a longboard that they can use for carving and driving. It is among those shapes that can ensure the sturdiness of the board.

It ought to be noticed that the deck shape of this kicktail longboard isn’t just grounded on a few layers of bamboo.

Various layers of Canadian maple as well make up the deck, making it really durable while boosting its capacity to give riders the best riding knowledge. The mix of the two fabrics additionally enhances the stability and the balance of the longboard.

Besides its durability, you will likewise feel happy to realize that this unit includes a well grip tape and strong heat-transferred designs.

The high-bounce back urethane wheels utilized in the longboard additionally make it genuinely exceptional. Such wheels make the board more grounded and quicker. Furthermore, the wheels are known for their shock-absorbent nature, making them equipped for keeping out the danger of harming riders and clients.

Another helpful component incorporated into this longboard is the drop-through truck. Such trucks are really positive as in they can augment the security of the board when driven at an extraordinary speed. It is primarily a result of their lower center of gravity.

Besides, the utilization of a lower deck likewise provides an affirmation to clients and riders like you so you can without much of a stretch push the board and brake by stepping on your foot.


  •  Brought up to with a directional shape, turning out to be proper for carving and driving.
  •  Utilizes various layers of bamboo and Canadian maple wood on the deck.
  •  Includes high-bounce back urethane wheels that are shock-absorbent.
  •  Simple to push and brake by stepping outside the board.
  •  Fast and simple to work.


  • The bearings must be broken in for some time at first before they can roll easily.


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Stumbling upon the best longboard ought not to be excessively confounding or testing. With the correct guide, you can settle on your decision whether what you require are electric skateboards/longboards or the traditional ones. Additionally, you need to guarantee that you are picking the correct size longboard to expand your odds of remaining agreeable while you are utilizing it.
Ensure that your picked longboard has an extraordinary mix of value and cost. This implies it should accommodate your financial plan without losing its quality. It is urgent to check the toughness and the capacity of the longboard to deal with different weight, as well. Finally, it ought to impeccably fit the standards of your riding style so you will genuinely appreciate utilizing it.

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