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9 Best Skate Shoes For Skateboarding In 2019 ( Durable & Comfortable )

Lots of people want purchasing skate shoes due to the fact that they are elegant and also complement pants as well as other garments. If you are looking for the best skate shoes and prepare on getting a brand-new set of skate shoes for skateboarding, I recommend you comply with these crucial ideas.

You should try to find skating shoes that are both adaptable and also sturdy ( most durable skate shoes ). These shoes should have the ability to stand up to a good deal of pressure, security for your foot and also a severe quantity of hold so you do not move off your board.

The sole of these shoes additionally requires to be fairly resilient. Lots of skateboarders utilize both grasp tape and also other gripping products that could grind away the soles of normal shoes.

Possibly one of the most essential aspects is the grasp of the footwear. If the footwear does not have sufficient hold, you could quickly move off the board right in the center of a technique. It isn’t really an overestimation to claim that getting the incorrect skating footwear might place you in the emergency situation.

An excellent set of skater shoes will certainly aid maintain you on your board as well as assistance to safeguard your feet. While a top-quality set could be fairly pricey, in the future they are a rewarding financial investment for any type of skater.

Best Skate Shoes

So here is a list of the best skate shoes and most durable in 2019 to help you make the right decision in this regard.

1.DC Wes Kremer 2 S Skate Shoes Men’s

best skate shoes

  • One of the most comfortable shoes they are great for walking around and skating and also they fit perfect, the look of these shoes is pretty fashionable.
  • They are relatively low profile shoes and the soles offered much better impact protection
  • Anyway these will do fine and very comfy without the lower tongue digging in your foot
  • Great quality materials and really comfortable and pretty durable.


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2.Vans Old Skool Unisex Adults’ Low-Top Trainers


best skate shoes



  • Great shoes, clean, simple stylish and durable
  • They go with everything and always look great whether new or weathered
  • Decent foot grip and classy look!
  • They’re a little hard to get over the heel though


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3.NIKE Men’s Zoom Stefan Janoski Prem HT Skate Shoe

best skate shoes

  • These shoes are very nice, they made with a premium suede and nubuck upper for a clean look and durability in high-wear areas.
  • comfortable and light.
  • Fits perfectly true to size looks even better in person.
  • Great silhouette, great style
  • solid construction and durable.

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4.Osiris Men’s Protocol Skate Shoe


best skate shoes

  • Osiris shoes is a global footwear brand to skaters around the world.
  • These shoes are sized exactly so make sure you know your proper shoe size.
  • They are sturdy they look clean they are perfect with any color jeans, cute jean shorts
  • Perfect fit and Very stylish.

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5.HUF Men’s Cromer Skate Shoe

  • It’s a pretty good shoe with nice padding in the insoles for a skater
  • The toe cap is great, it makes your shoes last longer
  • Great quality
  • They are so comfortable and a fun run around shoe
  • The price is very reasonable
  • Great fit, great for skating and also look nice as stuffing.

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6.Lakai Men’s Griffin Skate Shoe


  • This shoe is very true to size. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting your normal size.
  • The shoe is very stylish and the suede is an eye-catcher.
  • Solid construction, good fit
  • Great casual shoe and is very fun to skate in
  • If you’re looking for long-lasting, good-looking, comfortable, and stylish shoes, you’ve found it with these Lakais.

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7.Globe Men’s Sabre Skate Shoe


  • These shoes are so comfortable and very durable
  • The tongue is connected at the top so it does not move. It makes them slightly more difficult to put on, but well worth it
  • Super stable and they look awesome with a very great design
  • Fits perfectly. Inside the shoe, there’s a side wall that, if you don’t like your shoelaces flopping everywhere, you can tuck the laces into.
  • Made in the USA
  • Integrated inner sock for a secure fit & ankle support

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8.Etnies Marana Vulc Skate Shoe

  • These shoes are perfect and durable and they are super comfy in your everyday actives & skating
  • The soles are perfect for absorbing the shock of your tricks and they barely have any tear on them.
  • The quality is good, the footbed is a little more on the deeper side compared to the other Skate shoes that are out there.
  • They fit perfectly and hold up against your everyday activities, such as yard work, gym, and everything else you do with shoes on.

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9.DC Men’s Stag Sneaker


  • These shoes are very comfortable and fit perfectly.
  • The design provides extra protection from branches and cactus thorns.
  • They offer a sportier appearance that lends to a more age-appropriate look.
  • If you have wider feet, I would suggest getting a half size larger.


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How To Make Your Skate Shoes Last Longer

if you are a skateboarder I’m sure you know the struggle of having shoes that constantly have holes in them, so what we were covering in this chapter is :

  1. how to prevent your skate shoes from developing holes in the first place and obviously, you can’t prevent this forever but this will definitely delay the time until they get holes.
  2. how to fix the holes in your shoes that you already have and therefore making them last longer.

first le’ts talk how to prevent holes in the first place so let’s say that you have brand new skate shoes never been skated and you want to skate it but you don’t want it to have a hole.

what you got to do to prevent holes all you need is super glue

a lot of people don’t worry about their shoes until actually start getting holes which is a big problem because then it’s not really too late but it’s you could have made your shoes last longer in the first place.

the best way to prevent holes near news shoes is to take your super glue and carefully superglue over all the seams that would rip, anywhere where the board would come and talk contact with the shoe, just put some super glue covering all the threads anywhere that you see the shoes ripping.

you need to put a thin layer enough to make sort of a protective shield over it, also a good place to do it is on the toe cap because that’s where a lot of rips happen just put it right along the seam.

obviously, this won’t make your shoes last forever once the super glue wears off the shoes gonna start wearing down so what you can do is you can either reapply the super glue if it’s not formed a whole yet

now let’s talk about if your shoes have already a hole, what you need for this is a shoe goo

which you can be found in your local hardware stores and some skate shops or you can buy it online.

it’s also helpful to duct tape or any sort of tape to block off the hole when you’re applying the shoe view, so the first step is taking a little piece of duct tape just big enough to cover the hole.

take your tape and place it over the hole from the inside of the shoe.

what this does is it prevents the shoe goo from leaking in the hole

once you have the hole in your shoe covered on the inside with tape you want to take the shoe goo and slowly apply it to the hole.

there’s not really a wrong or right way to apply it just put it on the hole around any place that’s getting worn  down you want the shoe goo to be there so always put it on the hole

the next step is to take your ice cube and slowly smooth it out you need to run it over the shoe goo; so just run it all around until  your shoe goo is smooth and spread thin around any holes or tearing parts

so then all you do is take your shoe set it down preferably in the sun let it set for 24 hours until the shoes fully dried it could take more if you’re living in like could rainy weather

once the shoe is dried go in the inside and peel out the duct tape that you put in and the shoe is good to go.

so this is a great way to make your skate shoes last an extra month or more which is great because shoes are expensive and not everyone can afford to buy shoes every month.

We hope that the skateboard shoes guide has been helpful.

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