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Best Skateboard Brands 2021 ( Honest Review – Updated )

If you are on a journey to select the skateboard of your dreams, the one that will match you requiring standards, then our guideline and recommendation will provide you with the help needed.

Some brands make some fascinating along with a high-quality fabric skateboard, while others make such an expensive one with a low quality that do not deserve the price you are paying. So as to not fell for their trap, you may need to read this article slowly in order to not miss any important detail.

Best Skateboard Brands

So you are intending to get yourself another skateboard, isn’t that so? Feeling confounded about which brand you need to pick? All things considered, from the plenty of brands offering different skateboards, choosing one that meets your requirements is to be sure a dubious thing! Be that as it may, take it easy – we can end your stresses at the present time! You will be aware of the best brands so you can pick the one for yourself without getting confused. Right away, we should begin with these interesting skateboard brands.


best skateboard brands

Proceeding with our quest of best skateboard brands, we at present list Yocaher the fabulous brand for longboards. They have been flourishing for their powerful and solid skateboards that provide you with fast rides energized with stability and strength. The whole products are designed grounded on the skater’s riding style and surface to ride on.

The majority of Yocaher longboards are sufficiently made with an elastic-like fabric, enabling you to ride easily as you are riding. Yohacer skateboards display minimal center of gravity, the odds for you to fell are nearly none. That implies you can experience a calm ride with the mentioned boards.

Yocaher doesn’t just give you quality; rather, it offers a reasonable package for your riding experience by providing the customers with an affordable price. With Yocaher, you could positively get the skateboard that meets your standards without troubling your pocket.


In the event that we take into account the best skateboard brands for longboards, at that point without a doubt, the name Quest springs up in our brains. In spite of wild rivalry, Quest has truly gained an important reputation when it comes to longboards. Quest has flourished to be the best brand in skateboards by providing high quality needs to the clients’ feedback.
They have been hyperactive in collecting customers’ feedback about their items quality. Subsequently, they have altogether raised their measures by developing the size, design, speed, and the general performance of their boards.
Regardless of your rolling on reads period and destination, Quest boards give you an exciting skating background at each ride. These criteria make Quest’s Skateboards one of the most selling products as they incorporate perfect cruisers, downhill open wheel bomber, and classical boards.
They are, for the most part, made by a mix of artistic components on a craftsman wood deck. Turn your ride to become an interesting one by treasuring your experience with the creative skateboards and agreeable rides.


Rimable is one of the several skateboard marks that flourish to take into account the challenging requests of the clients by making the most attractive products. On the off chance that you are hunting down a skateboard that can deal with you amid your joyful rides, at that point Rimable will without a doubt be the ideal decision for you. Its strength and durability are what make this item convenient for the beginners. In the meantime, it is the ideal thing for every one of those skaters who loves attempting new tricks and riding styles

In spite of the fact that this firm does not hold up under an extensive variety of skateboards, it surely has the right to be enrolled among the best brands with good quality items and fame among the clients. With regards to balance and superb shows, Rimable gives off an impression of being a trustworthy brand.


Ancheer skateboards won their popularity their all-rounder performance for the whole of riders including beginners. On the off chance that you are a beginner, or a professional skater, a thirsty rider who seeks performing tricks or someone that looks for a soft ride on the roughest roads, then Ancheer boards would feed your hunger and thirst. Ancheer skateboards are brought to you with PU wheels that guarantee ease and calm ride over cruisers and pebbles alongside speed. They are strengthened by the Abec 7 metal (steel) bearings for balance and durability. Furthermore, the deck of the skateboards includes nine-layered maple wood that helps with having flexible rides. So as to make its design more interesting, the aluminum trucks that guarantee to resist all jerks to make certain that you will merely experience minimal vibrations during your ride.


Despite the fact that these boards are very modest in rates, they may without a doubt save their production cost by giving moderate designs, which make it less appealing for the more cognizant riders. Be that as it may, in the event that we limit our concentration to the cost and quality, at that point SCSK8 is presumably equivalent with the Yocaher longboards.

The SCSK8 longboards include seven-ply maple decks, decorated with grip tapes for smooth rides. This gathering of the deck includes strength, yet, a slight bouncy touch when you venture on it. They have 70mm PU wheels that decrease the expense of the item without influencing the quality. In the event that you are an amateur at skating and need something to improve your skating abilities, and you couldn’t care less about the look of the board, at that point these skateboards can end up being the best decision for you.


You can surely go for a Penny board for your rides as a whole, regardless of whether you are a grown-up and wish to remember your old school rides, or a beginner searching for something to enable you to ace, master, skating.

Utilizing their ten years of experience, Ben Mackay and his group invented the Penny Nickel skateboard shape to bring a skateboard which is durable. These boards include a width of 27 inches alongside 7.5 inches of height. Constructed out of such a thick layer of strong plastic, they are for sure a standout amongst other skateboard brands conveying noteworthy protection from wear and tear.


Begun as a little private business for skateboards, somewhat the scaled down boards, Ridge, in the long run, grew up to be recorded among the best skateboard brands worldwide. They were expected to provide users with good quality alongside an affordable price, and they properly blossomed by accomplishing this objective. That is the reason they have earned an immense number of admirers all over the world.

So as to give users adaptability, smoothness, and calm rides, the deck of these skateboards is comprised of high-quality polyurethane. Besides, they are energized with the super delicate 87A yellow bushings that turn them to be an ideal mix of strength and stability. 


The review of the best skateboard brands would be winded up with Minority – which is another incredible brand of best skateboards. Their skateboards are not just of good quality; rather, they create something second to none. Minority Skateboards started as a task headed by BIONG Industry. Later on, it rose as a free sports band which is prominent for its skateboards. Alongside high-quality products, they keep on flourishing as a trustworthy name for their clients.

Minority skateboards are ordinarily evaluated as uncompromising boards that keep on performing, particularly, well in the harshest climate conditions. Conveying the Abec-9 exactness steel bearings, and 52mm super flexible polyurethane wheels, they can easily permit the riders that are weighing up to 220 lbs to feel good skating on these boards. Though, their high flexibility PU bushings empower smooth rides by immense shock resistance. The seven-ply maple skateboard deck and aluminum trucks add more versatility to them. On the off chance that you are an overweight rider and need something similarly durable to ride on, at that point the Minority skateboards are here to fit your standards and requirements.


Regardless of whether you are an amateur, a student, a master skater, or Rough Rider, all you require is a skateboard that goes well to meet your requirements. The choice to pick up the ideal skateboard is subsequently a basic thing on the off chance that you really need to enjoy your ride. In this guide, we have given a review of the best skateboard brands that offer 360 coverage for many skaters. Notwithstanding what your riding style is, or what roads you are expecting to ride on, these brands can with no doubt roll on everything for your sake.

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