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Top 10 Best Skateboard Helmet In 2019 ( Review & Buying Guide)

From Lil Wayne and Matthew McConaughey to Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, many stars and celebrities have expressed and documented their love and passion for skateboarding throughout the last two decades. In fact, skateboarding is an old trend that refused to die, especially among kids and teenagers. But while skateboarding can be a relief to many youngsters, it can also be very dangerous. That is why every skateboarder should wear a standard safety gear, which includes a helmet.

Best Skateboard Helmet

However choosing the best skateboard helmet can be a hard task, especially knowing that there are many brands who pretend to provide the best items in the market. In this article, we are offering you guidance to choose the best skateboard helmet for you.

skateboard helmet

Why you should wear a helmet

Well, while skateboarding can be a good workout session for many people, it can also cause injuries that one would regret for the rest of his life, especially head injuries. In fact, skateboarding can lead to small cuts and minor bruises that are easily curable to more serious brain injury, that involve a major medical treatment. According to some statistics published back in 2002 by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), around 50,000 yearly emergency visits were caused by skateboarding injuries, and around 1500 kids and teenagers were hospitalized each year, as a result of a major skateboarding injury.

To avoid extra time and money wasting, one should absolutely make sure he is completely protected when practicing skateboarding, especially the head area. And the head is only protected by a helmet. But a helmet must be worn correctly in order to double check that it covers the head perfectly.

It is also true that helmets protect the face as well from bruises and injuries. Indeed, when falling forward, the front part of the helmet reaches the ground first, and therefore, it leaves a tiny space between the ground and the skateboarder’s face. Therefore, it protects the face and nose from the harsh surface of the ground.

In order to protect the head and face area from possible injuries, you must always wear a helmet that fits your head, no matter how old you are, how long your skateboarding session will be, where you’re going to skateboard, or how experienced you are. Nonetheless, you need to avoid wearing smaller helmets that might seem fitting, yet they feel tight on the head, therefore uncomfortable.

To explain how to make sure your skateboarding helmet is fit, here is a YouTube video by Skate Shack in which a staff member demonstrates how to find a fitting helmet:

Your goal would be to get yourself a high-quality and fitting helmet, even if it was designed for bicycle riders or other sports activities. Another thing you must pay attention to is to make sure your helmet should meet safety standards

Another recommendation would be to try on different models and sizes in order to be sure that you choose a properly fitting helmet. Signs of a fitting helmet are, according to SkateBoard Safety :

  • The bottom edge is parallel to the ground
  • Flat on the head
  • Slightly low on the forehead and a little above the eyebrows
  • It contains pads inside
  • It contains a buckle that can be fastened tightly
  • It has a side strap near each ear
  • It sticks firmly to the head when it is in motion
  • It doesn’t disturb the hearing or vision when in motion

The pads of the helmet could be removed or kept, depending on the size of the head. They can also be changed if they get dirty with time. Also, their thickness can be modified.

What if you’re a regular skateboarder, and you already have a helmet, but you don’t know when to change it, and when exactly does it become useless.

A helmet must absolutely be changed when it is damaged: if a strap or a pad is removed and can’t be fixed, or when it doesn’t satisfy one of the elements in the bucket list above. Then, the helmet must be replaced as soon as possible. It is also recommended to change it once every five years because it is then considered old and outgrown.

How can you find a helmet for skateboarders?

Well, for your information, you don’t have to pick helmets specially designed for skateboarders. A helmet must protect the head, that’s all it got to do. Many others sports involve helmets as well, such as biking.

Therefore, when looking for a helmet, don’t look only in sections related to skateboarding, since you find cheaper, more sophisticated, and high-quality helmets in other sections. There are even helmets that are multi-sports.

Where to go to buy a helmet?

In this case, there are two options, you can either go to skateboard stores, or even shops that sell sports items such as Decathlon if you’re in Europe, or EMillion if you’re from America. Or, you can go to e-commerce websites like Amazon.

The second option is more recommended since you get to find reviews given by customers, and you’re more likely to find several choices, sizes, and models, than in a regular “physical” store.

Now say you’re buying a helmet online, but you’re concerned it won’t fit your head. Or, you’re willing to gift the helmet to a close one, but you don’t know what is the size of their head. Are there any tricks you could use in this case to make it fitting to the head? The answer is yes. One of the tricks you could use is to wear a baseball cap backward and then put on the helmet. Another trick would be to buy thicker pads and stick them firmly inside the helmet. But we still recommend buying a well-fit helmet, as this is the only way to make sure your head and face are relatively safe while playing.

What to look for when looking for a skateboarding helmet?

The first aspect one should look for is safety standards mentioned above. You should be absolutely sure that your helmet meets all the safety standards we mentioned earlier. It also must provide maximum shock absorption to minimize the impact. For that, we recommend looking up the materials and fabrics of the helmet, we’d particularly prefer foams. In fact, foams are well-known for absorbing energy when crushed. You should also check if the straps and pads are included in your helmet (it would be better if the straps are nylon-webbed, it makes the helmet safer). We also highly recommend verifying that the helmet contains vents to keep the head area cool and fresh (not for safety reasons, but no one like sweaty wet hair).

Throughout this article, we’ve been highlighting how important helmets are for any dangerous sports player, skateboarders in particular. They provide safety for the head and face and protects skateboarders from injuries and bruises. However, helmets have been subject to many controversies among psychologists.

In fact, many psychologic experiments suggest that people take more risks when wearing helmets, therefore, they tend to be exposed to more accidents, leading to more injuries among skateboarders (and bikers eventually), ironically. According to the British newspaper DailyMail, people tend to take up to 30% more risks when wearing a helmet. Psychologists concluded, after leading many experiments, that helmets are not really as protective as they seem to be.

best skateboard helmet

Consequently, we highly recommend our readers to pay just as much attention to accidents that may occur, when wearing the helmet. Because, even though a helmet can be beneficial to its user’s safety, it doesn’t guarantee a perfect safety. There are incidents that can be too severe and serious to be protected against.

Before reviewing the best skateboard helmets in the market this year, we want to make sure that our readers know how to wear a helmet. In fact, even though it might seem obvious to some, a helmet can only be beneficial if it is worn correctly. The first thing you got to do when wearing a helmet is to let it sit low on your forehead, about two finger-widths from your eyebrow and level on your head. You should also make sure the pads are comfortable and not too tight on your head, the helmet must be stable on your head, it shouldn’t move, but rather stay flat on the head. When it comes to the buckles, try centering it under the chin area. You adjust the length of the straps by pulling it from the back of the helmet. You can remove your helmet when adjusting, it makes the process easier. Once you’re done, open your mouth widely as if you’re about to yell, the straps shouldn’t feel tight. If they do, then adjust them again. Also, shake your head and move it from side to side, the helmet must stay in place. Make sure the forehead is completely covered. Once you’ve checked all of the above, you’re ready for a good skateboarding session. Nevertheless, do not forget about being careful even when wearing a helmet. Helmets are not magical tools. They are beneficial but to a certain extinct.

Now that we’ve answered frequently asked questions (FAQ) about helmets, we will finally review the 10 items we’ve chosen, and compare the cons and pros of each one of them. As a reminder, all of the selected helmets are available on Amazon.

Best Skateboard Helmet For Skateboarders

Here are the top 10 helmets we recommend for skateboarders:

GIORO Skateboard Helmet Impact Resistance Safe Helmet

best skateboard helmet

The GIORO helmet is CPSC certified, which means you won’t have to worry about its efficiency. It also provides a breathable design, since it contains foams (a material we mentioned earlier). Therefore, it keeps the head cool enough during practice, reducing the temperature of the head when in motion. It also provides 11 vents to make sure it’s well-ventilated and sweat absorbing. That is a huge bonus because it also eliminates nasty odors, especially in summer.

It also has adjustable straps, strong buckles, and is light (we tend to avoid heavy helmets).

It also comes in many colors, and the price is relatively cheap compared to other brands. So, if you’re looking for a basic helmet, this it a good pick.

However, many customers have been complaining about the size of the straps. In fact, even though they are adjustable, they are quite short and can feel too tight for those who have a relatively bigger head.


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Smith Men’s Aspect Helmet

best skateboard helmet

This helmet provides a breathable design thanks to the 14 vents. Therefore, it’s well-ventilated and sweat absorbing. It is also made of plastic, and very light weighted. It also contains extra ear pads to protect the ear area. And it has the benefit of possible use for winter sports (skiing for instance). So, it is a multi-sport helmet. The ear pads are also removable. You can remove them in winter. The ventilation vents are removable as well. It also comes in many colors and has adjustable straps.

Another bonus is that the ear pads can hold earphones.

It is relatively cheap as well. However, it can feel pretty hot in summer time. That is the only complain customers seem to have.


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Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport Kids & Adult Bike And Skateboard Adjustable Dial Helmet

best skateboard helmet

This helmet is slightly more expensive than the first two. It is CPSC certified and comes in different colors and sizes. It is also a multi-sports helmet, so it can be used in different contexts. One of the main complaints about this helmet is that the straps don’t align anymore after multiple uses. There is also a problem with the size. Not that there aren’t many offered sizes, but you need to purchase a slightly bigger size to avoid a tight helmet.

However, it is also well ventilated and light weighted. It has a thick EPS foam liner, which drastically decreases the impact of a shock. It comes with extra foam inserts for more protection and comfort. The buckles are strong and secure, and they stay in place even during aggressive movements. It also provides 12 wide vents. The inside pads are removable, so you can wash them once they get dirty.


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Triple Eight Gotham Helmet

best skateboard helmet

This particular one is a bit more expensive than the previous helmets. It was made by the company Triple Eight, which is well known for having products for bikers, skateboarders, … They are also well known for their high-quality yet pricy items.

This helmet is dual certified, from the CPSC and ASTM. It is light weighted as well (1 pound). It provides a breathable design thanks to the small vent holes, that are smaller than those in regular helmets. That was done on purpose to maximize protection. It still is bearable in the summertime. It also contains extra ear pads to protect the ear area.

The bad thing about this helmet is the price. Plus, it’s not really good for other sports such as biking, as it can leave the head sore if worn for a long duration.


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Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Helmet

This helmet provides a breathable design thanks to the 11 vents. Therefore, it’s well-ventilated and sweat absorbing. It is also very light weighted (1.2 pounds). It is CPSC approved as well.

This helmet comes with 2 sets of removable pads for a custom fit.

It is relatively cheap as well. It was tested for car accidents, and users confirm its efficiency. One customer, who has survived a car accident without any head injury or even bruises, had this to say about the helmet: “I didn’t feel anything more than if I’d laid my head down on a pillow!”.

The one con about this product is that it might feel uncomfortable as it must be worn tightly. It has adjustable buckles.

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Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

best skateboard helmet

This is a very cheap helmet compared all the previous ones reviewed. It has adjustable straps and removable pads. It is a very well-ventilated helmet, with its 17 top and side vents. Which could be a problem in cold seasons. Another issue about this helmet is the weight. It is relatively heavier than all the previous helmets, which could be a big problem for those who have smaller heads. Costumers have complained about the fact that it doesn’t cover the whole head, which means, it doesn’t offer perfect protection. The straps are unusually long as well.


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OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

best skateboard helmet

The price of this one is relatively fair. It is well-ventilated as well, with the 12 air vents that keeps the head cool and keeps the sweat away during activity. One of its biggest cons is the adjustment of the straps. One should also pay attention to the size when buying this one, as the sizes, they offer in the description of the product are not really adequate to reality.

It is also not certified, which means there is no guarantee of a perfect safety. But based on other users’ experiences, it is safe enough for skateboarders.


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TSG – Evolution Solid Color – Helmet for Bicycle Skateboard

best skateboard helmet

This one has a fair price as well. It was made by the company TSG, which is well known for their protection products, for bikers in particular.

Even though this helmet is not certified, neither from the CPSC or the ASTM, previous costumers are satisfied with the level of protection it provides. It has a medium weight as well (1.7 pound), which could bother users with smaller heads. It provides a breathable design thanks to the 14 vent holes to get rid of the heat build-up and therefore keeping it bearable in the summertime. It also comes with extra pads to adjust the size. The pads are removable and washable. It also covers the back and sides of the head. You only have to make sure you get the right fit.


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GOTRAX Multi-Sport Youth Skateboard Scooter and Bike Helmet

best skateboard helmet

This helmet is also dual certified from the CPSC and ASTM. It is light weighted as well (less than one pound). It provides a breathable design thanks to the cooling ventilation system, that keeps a regular airflow in the helmet. It also comes with pads, that are removable, washable but also sweat absorbent during intense activity.

It is also a multi-sport helmet, so it can be used for other sports, besides skateboarding. The price is relatively cheap as well. The only issue is that it might have is that style-wise, it is more convenient for kids and young teens than adults.

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S-ONE Lifer CPSC – Multiple Impact – CPSC Certified

best skateboard helmet

This one has to be the most expensive one so far. It is CPSC certified. This helmet’s performance is superior to all the previous ones, in regards to safety. It is mainly worn by professional

skateboarders. It is cool looking as well. It biggest plus compared to the other helmets is the fact that it has a multi-impact resistance. It also comes with a good ventilation system, to keep the head cool and avoid excessive sweat, in addition to several pads to adjust the helmet depending on the user’s head size. The only flaw of this one would be the price. Otherwise, it gets the job done.


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Among the top 10 skateboarding helmets we mentioned earlier, it seems that there are two helmets that stand out the most: The S-ONE Lifer helmet, and Triple Eight Gotham Helmet.

If you are a professional skateboarder, and you practice in a daily basis, then we suggest you invest more money in your helmet and go for the S-ONE. Safety comes first, and better invest few dollars on a helmet, or put thousands in a hospital later on, in the hope of waking up safe and sane.

But if you are skateboarding in your free-time, meaning skateboarding is a hobby for you, then the Triple Eight Gotham Helmet is more than enough to keep you protected for possible accidents.

To conclude, always remember that it’s not just about the helmet, but you and only you can protect yourself from bad incidents. Therefore, we want to remind you to be extra careful whenever you’re practicing, because your well-being has no price, once it’s gone, you can never get it back.

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