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Top 10 Best Skateboard Knee Pads in 2019 ( Buying Guide )

Skateboarding, like every other small-wheeled sport, can be a very dangerous game, especially for those who are either beginners or those who practice complicated tricks, as these tend to cause safety problems, as they are more likely to fall down and hitting objects that come their way, therefore, they will probably get injured or get bruises.

To reduce the risk of getting such bruises or injuries, skateboarders wear a certain safety kit. This kit may include many items, like helmets or knee pads.

Best Skateboard knee pads

However, choosing this kit could be a hard task for many buyers as the brands are too many, and one gets confused by which brand should we buy, and why. That is why, in this article, we are offering you help in guidance to choose the best skateboard knee pads.

Before reviewing each of these products, one might wonder if why are knee pads a big deal for skateboarders? 

Why are knee pads a big deal for skateboarders? 

Well, while skateboarding is a good sport to get rid of the stress while having fun, and an escape from the boredom of everyday tasks and activities for many people, it can also cause injuries and bruises that one can regret forever, especially head and knees injuries.

In fact, skateboarders are more likely than other sports players to suffer from different kind of scrapes cuts, sprains, and bruises. In some cases, skateboarders can even get a bone broken, especially in their knee or arm area. This may take up to months to recover. And in some more rare cases, the broken bone can never be getting back to its normal state ever again, as the broken area may be subject to a very serious injury.

That is why it is very recommended (actually, it is necessary for new skateboarders) to wear protective gear, such as knee pads to protect the knee area from possible future bone breakage.

What are knee pads?

 But one might wonder, what are knee pads?

Knee pads are, as you might have guessed, pads that you put on your knees to protect skateboard riders from knee damage when playing. The knee pads are usually made out of stretchy material that sticks to the knees thanks to its Velcro, that can be adjusted by the customer.

The knee pads also come in sets of two elements, one for each knee. Sometimes, they can come in a pack of protective gear: elbow pads, wrist pads, or even with a helmet.

That being said, if the pad is very important and a necessity for skateboarders, it shouldn’t be a problem to them when playing. In fact, a knee pad should, not only be protective and efficient, but also comfortable.

That is why it is very important to pay attention to the size of your knee pad. As you might have noticed, knee’s size differs from one person to another, the ‘fatter’ the person is, the bigger his knee is.

How do you know what size knee pads to get?

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If the knee pad is too tight, then it will restrict the movement of the knee, leading to a restriction of the tricks a skateboarder can do, and it will also lead an uncomfortable skateboarding session, as they can also cut off blood circulation. If they are too loose, then they can slide off easily.

So, the size of the knee pads is directly linked to the weight of the person:

  • If your weight is under 125 lbs., you should consider getting a small sized knee pad
  • If your weight is between 125 lbs. and 150 lbs., you should consider getting a medium sized knee pad
  • If your weight is between 150 lbs. and 180 lbs., you should consider getting a large sized knee pad
  • If your weight is over 180 lbs., you should consider getting an X-Large sized knee pad.

Other Things to consider

Once you’ve chosen the perfect fit for your knee pad, you are now wondering what are the other parameters that you must take into.

Comfort and protection of skateboarders are directly linked to the material and design of the knee pads.

The first feature you’ve got to pay attention to is the shape. In fact, a good knee pad should cover and protect the center of your knee, and the area around the center of your knee as well. We also recommend a slightly curved pad, withstanding sides, as those seem to be the most efficient and protective.

You must also make sure that the knee pad is secured, therefore, you have got to check the knee pad pocket, and how efficient and protective it is for the pad.

Then, you can verify if the kneepad is comfortable when walking or moving around. We’d recommend going for a flexible knee pad, as those are the most comfortable ones. But always make sure it’s also padded enough to protect the knee.

The knee pad can also be less comfortable if the knee gets warm and hot when wearing it, meaning there is a lot of sweat happening.

That is why most companies tend to go for ventilating channels, as those offer ventilation systems to the knee pad, which keep the knee cooler when playing, therefore offers to the skateboarders a comfortable experience.

The materials used to make the knee pad should also be durable: in fact, no one wants to buy hundreds of pads for their knees, usually, we want to buy want and keep it for a long period of time. Hence, we will look for durable sturdy materials.

The materials should also be resistant and shock-absorbent, this is the point of using a knee pad in the first place. So, we are looking for flexible materials, yet very shock-absorbent when there is an impact so that the knee gets protected since the shock is absorbed by the pad rather than the knee itself. Many materials have this property, such as the D3O material, for instance.

Once you took into considerations all these parameters, and all the boxes are checked, then you have found your new knee pad. Now, you’ve got to protect it.

Indeed, a knee pad must be well maintained. For example, you should avoid washing it. Instead, you can clean it with tissues or even wet disposable wipes after use. In case they are way too dirty to be cleaned only with that, you can still wash your knee pads, but you should do so without aggressive detergents or hot water. And you shouldn’t put them in a washing machine, instead, you should hand wash them with a soft detergent.

If cracks or tears appeared in your knee pads, then you should replace them, for your own safety, as they won’t be as performant as when they were in their original state.

Now that we’ve answered frequently asked questions (FAQ) about knee pads, we will finally review the 10 items we’ve chosen, and compare the cons and pros of each one of them.

Best Skateboard Knee Pads

Here are the top 10 knee pads we recommend for skateboarders:

Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

best skateboard knee pads

These knee pads were made by the company Pro-Tec. Although this company is well known for their knee pads, these are not the only items they sell. In fact, they also offer wrist guards, helmets, elbow pads, and even book covers.

The company is also good in terms of shipping: even though it does not provide worldwide shipping, they can ship within the United States of America, and to other countries around the globe, including African countries. Many of their products were listed in Amazon’s best sellers, including this one. They mostly have +4 stars reviews as well, including this knee pad.


  •  Adjustable.
  •  CE certified.
  •  They contain upper and lower support straps.
  •  Comfortable as they have Neoprene backing for riding comfort.
  •  Provides good protection as they absorb the shock thanks to their hard caps.


  •  Inaccurate sizing chart: they are either too small or too big compared to the size bought: and usually, they seem to be too large for small or medium sizes, and smaller for extra large XM sizes
  •  The shipping cost is a bit expensive.


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HEROBIKER Moto Knee Pads 

best skateboard knee pads

These were made by HeroBiker. The company is specialized in motorcycling items such as body armor jackets and vests, thermal clothes, padded protective shorts, gloves, helmets, gear shifter shoe boots protectors, Their products are also eligible for international shipping except for few countries.

These knee pads are essentially made for motorcycle riders, but they can also be used just as well for biking, skiing, and skateboarding.

The pads are also unisex, they have a standard look, so they go with all type of clothes as they are covered in synthetic texting overall, and they are one size, so you won’t have to worry about the size anymore.


  •  The materials were chosen to give the pads the propriety of anti-collision and comfort.
  •  The fabric is also very breathable, which offers good ventilation to the knee.
  •  The knee pads are flexible and elastic, and therefore adjustable for all sizes.
  •  The pads are windproof, yet, thanks to the fabric, it keeps the knee warm in the cold season.


  •  Even though it claims to be flexible, many costumes suffered from the pads being too tight, especially plus-sized people. So, if you’re skinny or have skinny legs, you don’t have to worry about this con.
  •  It’s not durable. In fact, the Velcro becomes loose with time (in around few months of usage).


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Triple 8 Covert Knee Pads

These knee pads were made by Triple 8, which happens to be a company that sells not only knee pads, but also skateboarding helmets, wrist savers, bum savers, items of clothing, etc.

The company is well known over the market, as most of their products are well rated, and eligible for shipping to many countries around the globe.

For this knee pad, it does look slightly different compared to the previous ones, as it has a pull-on design sleeve with PDA padding.


  •  The knee pads have pulled on design sleeve with EVA padding.
  •  The knee pads are flexible, therefore adjustable.
  •  The protection is slim; therefore, it won’t bother you when skateboarding.


  •  The padding gets flat with time.
  •  The top part rolls down with time as well.
  •  It can get too tight, therefore cutting blood circulation (inaccurate size measurement).


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Allnice 3 in 1 Knee Elbow Pads Wrist Guards Thicken Skateboard 

best skateboard knee pads

These knee pads are sold by the company AllNice. They sell many protective items such as elbow pads, but they also distribute fans, lamps, jewelry, school furniture, electronics, bags, etc. Hence, they are a well-established company that provides well for many types of costumes. Their sports products are usually well ranked in terms of best-sellers.

The only issue is that they don’t sell individual knee pads or wrist pads, they rather sell a whole pack. But the price is very affordable.


  •  The pads stay in place thanks to their material.
  •  The fabric is durable and resistant enough to absorb impact.
  •  The price is very affordable.
  •  Standard looking, meaning they go with all styles.


  •  Inaccurate size fitting.
  •  The Velcro is very loose and tends to come off at any given time.


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QIAOMENG Professional Military Tactical Knee Pads

best skateboard knee pads

These pads were not originally made for skateboarders, but rather for military outdoor activities. The company, called Qiaomeng, is specialized in military clothes and items, such as camouflage clothes, protective masks, and even books related to the military.

Even though the company doesn’t have an international shipping option, it delivers to many parts of the world including the united states of America, European countries, and many Asian and African countries.

Just like the previous knee pads reviewed, those also come with elbow pads as well, as a whole protection set.


  •  It was designed for military activities; therefore, it offers high protection to the knee (and elbow).
  •  Very adjustable to fit the knee properly.
  •  Designed for military people, it is also waterproof.
  •  Made out of soft EVA, it’s comfortable enough for skateboarders.
  •  Suitable for many other outdoor sports like climbing and biking.
  •  Lightweight.


  •  The fabric is not durable.


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Alta Industries 50413 AT50413-14 AltaFLEX Knee Pads, Coyote (One Pair)

best skateboard knee pads

Altra Industries is a company that is exclusively specialized in knee pads (and a few other items). They sell many kinds of knee pads, for different usage. Unfortunately, the brand does not ship internationally, but they do ship to many countries around the world, including the United States.

These knee pads are from their new generation. The pad is made of black rubber. They contain a buckle fastening system, and they are made of Dupont nylon.


  •  Very comfortable.
  •  They do not hinder the knee motion.
  •  Straps stay in place.
  •  Adjustable for all sizes thanks to the elastic clips.
  •  They are easily removed compared to the other ones.
  •  Protective enough.
  •  Average price.


  •  They do not have a ventilation system; therefore, the knees get pretty hot when in movement.
  •  With time, the straps start getting loose, therefore, the pads start sliding up when moving.


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Everstärke Premium Professional Knee Pads

best skateboard knee pads

Everstärke is a company that is specialized in providing items of protection to hardworking people, meaning people who work in hard conditions (like in construction, steel industry, etc).

Those people do get injured from their work condition, therefore, they also tend to wear pads for their elbows and knees. We’ve chosen this knee pads because, ideally, they provide the highest protection, compared to the ones made exclusively for skateboarders.


  •  They are made out of premium quality materials, offering maximum levels of protection.
  •  Wide size-range.
  •  Designed to offer a maximum level of comfort with their soft silicone gel core.
  •  Breathable fabric.
  •  Durable pads.
  •  The company offers a one-year replacement warranty.
  •  Affordable price.


  •  They could feel a little tough when worn on the skin directly. (We recommend wearing them over pants)
  •  They don’t stay in place when in motion


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Triple 8 KP 22 Knee Pads

best skateboard knee pads

These knee pads were made by Triple 8, just like the other knee pads, we reviewed previously. So, this is their second product that made it to our list.

These knee pads are more protective than the other one we reviewed from the brand. The offer coverage for the knee centers and its area, since they have extra padding and gave an impact resistant cap. They come in different sizes. This product can be shipped to many countries around the world.


  •  They come in 5 sizes, with extra detailed info about each size (the circumference of the knee).
  •  The pads are stable thanks to their flat cap design.
  •  They are efficient in terms of protection.
  •  Very adjustable.


  •  They are expensive compared to the other ones.
  •  They start sliding down with time.


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187 Killer Pro Knee Pads

best skateboard knee pads

These pads are made by the brand 187 Killer Pads. They have been making and selling pads for skateboarders for more than a decade now.

The founder of the company was a professional skateboarder; therefore, he based his designs on struggles riders face when playing with their skateboards, making the brand very relatable compared to the other ones.

The brand makes protective items for skateboards, in particular; knee pads.

The item we are reviewing right now is considered by many as the ultimate knee pad one should own.


  •  The pads were specially designed to provide a combination of protection and cushion, to support mega hard impact and crushes.
  •  They also contain a lock-in cap system, which makes the removable cap stable and it makes it stick to its place.
  •  The design is minimalist.
  •  They are light-weight and comfortable.
  •  They go with the knee movement, instead of blocking the motion.


  •  The price is very expensive, they are three times expensive compared to the other ones.


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Bullet Skateboards Black Knee, Elbow, & Wrist Pad Set – Junior

best skateboard knee pads

These were made by the brand Bullet Skateboards. As the name states, the company makes and sells skateboarding items only, such us boards, trucks, and protective skateboarding items.


  • Comfortable design.
  •  Durable fabric.
  •  Minimalistic design.
  •  Suitable for many outdoor sports such as biking and roller skating.
  •  Cheap price.


  •  The quality is medium in terms of protection.


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Yoleo Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards for Kids/Youth/ Adults

best skateboard knee pads

Although this company has nothing to do with sports, let alone skateboarding, they do sell knee pads (as a part of a protective gear set).

This set contains not only knee pads but also elbow pads and wrist guards.

Those were made for outdoor riders (skate-rollers, skateboarders, bikers, etc). The price is very cheap and affordable.


  •  Comfortable design.
  •  Adjustable pads.
  •  Suitable for every kind of sport.
  •  Comes in two sizes.


  •  Not suitable for people with large knees.
  •  The pads tend to slide down/up with time.


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Among the top 10 skateboarding knee pads we mentioned earlier, it seems that there is one that stands out the most: The 187 Killer Pads one.

If you are a professional skateboarder, and you practice on a daily basis, or you are a beginner, this is the one for you. It offers not only protection and stability, but it is also very durable and worth the price.

When it comes to protection and safety, one should not think about the money, therefore, we highly recommend investing in this one, even though it is considered expensive.

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