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10 Best Skateboard Wheels in 2021 ( Honest Review & Buyer’s Guide )

Purchasing the best skateboard wheels may not be an easy task, particularly if you are a beginner.  To do so, you might need to look into a wide range of characteristics that define a good quality of the product. The article in hands may help you get a good grasp of how to identify good a high-quality wheels easily. Keep in mind that wheels differentiate as it comes to shapes, level of hardness, sizes, and other characteristics designed to meet your skateboarding requirements.

Best Skateboard Wheels

Following these steps, you will stumble upon good skateboard wheels that are reasonable for you. Luckily, this article is now between your hands so as to facilitate this process of picking the best skateboard wheels.

How to Choose the Skateboard Wheels?

Selecting best from the many skateboard wheels may confound as you have various alternatives. Be that as it may, you can simplify the picking procedure by looking at these important elements:


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The diameter of the wheels is extremely a vital factor in your purchasing choice.  It is usually estimated in millimeters. Keep in mind that the diameter is in terms of its shape, the smaller the wheel is. If you decide on small wheels, at that point expect not to have a fast ride. Bigger wheels, then again, are known to be faster.

Additionally, the diameter majorly affects the speed of quickening and in addition the snugness of your turn. If you are taking into consideration using your shortboard to perform technical tricks, you may need to think about wheels with a smaller diameter. On the off chance that you want to ride on longboards and cruisers, at that point go for bigger ones as such can give you the balance and the speed you might be seeking.

Besides, you need to think about your present weight and height as both likewise affect the perfect size or diameter of wheels for you. The majority of the time, the diameter of the skateboard begins at around 48 mm. It could achieve in excess of 60 mm (actually, up to 75 mm for a few). You need to settle on your decision grounded on what you think suits the requirements of your skateboard and your riding style the most.

The most widely known skateboard wheel diameter usually incorporates those that fall within the 52-56 mm range. In the event that you incline toward smaller and slower wheels then you can go for those that are within the 50-53 mm range. They function admirably for smaller riders and trick riding. The 54-59 mm range, then again, is thought to be the normal size of wheels for bigger riders and also for learners.

On the off chance that you are searching for wheels intended for rougher surfaces, however, at that point pick one with something like a 60-mm diameter. Such is known for its superb speed. It is additionally appropriate for specialty riders, dirt boards, downhill, and old-fashioned boards.

  1. Choosing the right size wheel for your truck


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When you know about the diameter, it’s additionally vital for you to see how you can pick the correct size of the wheel for the truck. Note that the skateboard trucks are arranged into three – with everyone having its very own characteristics concerning the wheel size. These are:

Low Trucks – These trucks are known for giving extra balance in the event that you need to perform flip tricks. The ideal wheels for them are those that are smaller in size. For this situation, it is best to go for those that are around 50 to 53 mm.

Mid/Standard Trucks – These trucks boast of their well all-around profile intended for use on solid parks and roads. For this case, you need to go somewhat higher in size than the low trucks. All things considered, the prescribed wheel size for mid/standard trucks are those that are within the 53-56 mm go.

High Trucks – High trucks are ideal for you in the event that you are into carving and cruising. Considering that, you will require large wheels for your high trucks. In this case, the most recommended size of wheels for you is those that are somewhere around 56 mm in diameter.

High Trucks – High trucks are ideal for you in the event that you are into carving and cruising. Considering that, you will require large wheels for your high trucks. In this case, the most recommended size of wheels for you is those that are somewhere around 56 mm in diameter.

  1. Suggested sizes based on your deck

Besides the trucks, it is necessary for you to know about the size skateboard deck thusly will likewise enable you to decide the ideal diameter of wheels for it. The skate deck usually refers to the flat board where you are standing on as you start skating. The skateboard deck usually differs when it comes to width. Majorly, the range is around 7.5 to 8.25 inches.

The particular width you require is actually dependent on your shoe size, skateboarding style, personal preference, and height. , here are a portion of the genuine sizes of skateboard decks and the prescribed diameter of wheels for them.

7.5 to 8.0-inch decks – Such decks are generally considered as the standard for grown-up riders who need to ride street and accomplish more technical tricks. In this situation, the convenient wheels for the deck will be those that are around 48 to 58 millimeters

8.0 to 8.25-inch decks – You can anticipate that these decks will function admirably on parks, rails, ramps, and skating pools. On the off chance that your skate deck has such width, at that point you will require bigger wheels than the past ones. The most suggested size for the wheels would be 52 to 60 millimeters

8.25 to 8.5-inch decks – These decks are appropriate for riders who have larger feet and in addition the individuals who are taller. They as well work well on pool and parks riding. Such decks expect you to utilize wheels that are no less than 54 mm in measurement. Max wheel breadth would be 60 mm.

More than 8.5-inch decks – This deck functions good for cruising and half-pipe and it is smaller than the normal slopes. On the off chance that your deck is no less than 8.5 inches in width, at that point you will in all probability require wheels that are somewhere around 58 mm

On the off chance that you need to get the ideal wheels at the right diameter that will be an excellent match for the hardware, trucks, and deck of your skateboard, at that point might likewise need to attempt custom building it.


Image Source: Warehouseskateboards

Another essential factor that wills most likely affect choosing the ideal skateboard wheels for your case is the durometer or hardness of the wheel. Durometer is really the term for the instrument or scale utilized in measuring the hardness of the wheel. A few producers make utilization of the Durometer A Scale, which is known to be a 100-point scale. This type of scale does the calculating of how durable the wheel is.

It ought to be known that a higher number also demonstrates a higher amount of hardness for the wheel. The normal durometer for skateboard wheels is around 99a. There are likewise makers who utilize the B Scale. It tends to measure twenty points lower while likewise giving the scale a chance to pick up an extra twenty points for hard wheels.

Generally, many inclines toward harder wheels as they are known to be faster. Be that as it may, softer wheels, notwithstanding being slower, are additionally useful considering the way that they give more grip than the harder ones. Soft wheels are appropriate for street skaters while the harder ones are perfect for smooth surfaces such as o skating parks

Check these guidelines out so as to get a good grasp on how durometer works;

78a to 87a – Skateboard wheels with this durometer are known due to their softness. Such non-abrasiveness turns them out to be perfect for street boards, longboards, and harsh surfaces. Moreover,

 They, additionally, function well for boards that require plenty of grips, particularly when you intend to move over rocks and cracks. Wheels with this durometer are reasonable for longboards, smooth ride, harsh surfaces, hills, and cruising.

88a to 95a – different from the previous scale, this range is known to be somewhat faster and harder. Yet, it has a well-shaped grip in spite of the fact that it is marginally lower when contrasted with the previous one. Such wheels are perfect for rough surfaces and roads.

96a to 99a – are pertinent for being all-around, well designed, wheels taking into account their excellent grasp and amazing speed. It functions well for starters, smooth surfaces, pools, ramps, skate parks, and skating streets.

Somewhere around 101a – Wheels which have this durometer are known to be both the hardest and the fastest. The issue is that it also has the minimal amount of grip. It isn’t good on harsh and slick surfaces. It just functions well for advanced and professional users in this extreme sport.

83b to 84b – Those wheels which are within the B scale are known to be immensely hard. They measure twenty points less when contrasted with the A scale. It is to allow the scale to extend twenty more points in case of extremely hard wheels.

If you are inclined to utilize big longboard wheels, then the contact patch might be large. A bigger contact patch may distribute your body weight over a big area. The consequence is that it turns out the wheels to move slowly. For that, many manufacturers make it a point to round the skate wheels’ edges, turning them not heavy as well as providing more ease as they are moving.

You need to realize that the shoe of the wheel majorly affects the extent of the contact patches. On the off chance that you utilize adjusted wheels, at that point, there is an incredible probability for them to have less contact with the asphalt road. You can likewise utilize square wheels. For this situation, anticipate that they will have the maximum level of contact with the road. Likewise, keep in mind that the usual placement of the patch majorly affects the general use of the wheel.

Top Wheel Brands for Skateboards

Picking longboard or skateboard wheels for speed and performance is really conceivable you merely need to know the convenient brands in the market these days. Luckily, you would be provided with shopping guide made to make you aware about the best wheels brands nowadays.

As a matter of fact, a few alternatives for skateboard brands possess large amounts of the market – the majority is found on Amazon. A standout amongst the most famous brands of skateboard wheels is Ricta. The brand takes pride in its 78a skateboard wheel, which keeps on getting positive feedback from the users in general.

There is likewise the Mini-Logo Skateboards. Two of the most prevalent models of skateboard wheels from Mini-Logo are their A-Cut and their C-Cut wheels. Another amazing and solid brand is Spitfire. Among the best Spitfire wheels worthy of positive acknowledgment are the Spitfire Formula 4 101d, Spitfire Bighead, and the Spitfire Classic Series.

Different brands that you might need to look for are the OJ Wheels, Shark Wheel, Powell-Peralta, Santa Cruz Skate, and Bones Wheels. This review article and purchasing guide also takes into account other respectful brands, similar to the Everland, Penny Skateboards, Pig, Blood Orange, Wonnv, and Autobahn. It is grounded upon you to choose which among these brands can offer you a wheel with the most, if not all, of the characteristics you require.

10 Best Skateboard Wheels on the 2018 Market (Tested and Reviews)

1. Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheels

best skateboard wheels

One of the skateboard wheels that the individuals who love the game should look at is the Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel. Being on the 78a scale, it is a wheel that moves rapidly yet easily. It has delicate urethane alongside an extreme and strong core.

With its current edge shape, you will feel glad taking it anyplace you need. It can even make harsh surfaces feel extremely smooth. These Ricta wheels are as well simple to utilize considering the way that they are neither big nor heavy.

You can anticipate that the wheel will function admirably for cruising and filming. It, additionally, comes in white with an alluring blue and raised detail. The way that it is a delicate or smooth wheel is likewise an advantage since it gives you your desired level of grip and traction.

The wheel does not roll as quietly as the others, however, but it is guaranteed that it will produce reasonable noise, not the irritating one.


  •  It includes a supple urethane together with an extreme and strong core.
  •  Brags of an advanced shape.
  •  Neither so big nor heavy, making it simple for use.
  •  Perfect for cruising and filming.
  •  Gives the correct grasp and traction.


  •  Unlike other wheels, it does not move quietly.


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2. Best Wheels for the Street – Mini-Logo Skateboards A-cut 101A Skateboard Wheel (56mm)

The second profoundly suggested item in this review is the Mini-Logo Skateboards A-cut 101A Skateboard Wheel. Several think about it as one among the best wheels for the street. The Mini-Logo wheels boast of an extremely high rebound formula, which enables it to bring to the user a more amazing execution than other professional wheels in the market today.

It can likewise deal with flat spots that may be caused by lots of sliding because of its soft wheels. Since it is a hard wheel, you will see that it is lacking in grip when contrasted with the Rictas skateboard wheels mentioned previously.


  •  Perfect for road skating.
  •  Boasts of a high bouncing formula.
  •  Made of durable and tough urethane.
  •  Capable of dealing with all landscapes – on account of its a-cut.
  •  Rolls on flat spots.


  •   It lacks the grip.

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3. Best Wheels for Rough Roads and Terrains – Santa Cruz Slime Ball Vomits Skateboard Wheels (60mm 97a)

best skateboard wheels

Skateboard Wheels, Santa Clause Cruz Slime Ball Vomits,  (60mm 97a) are additionally among those wheels that certainly look cool. It is composed particularly with its unique molds, urethane formula, logo, and war paint designs.

It boasts of its wide wheel profile, or, in other words, good thing as it gives a reasonable balance and traction at high speed. The way that it is smooth is likewise something to be taking into account as it includes minimal surface contact when you contrast it with the treaded wheels. Also, it is substantially less demanding to slide.


  •  Looks cool and one of a kind
  •  Incorporates a large wheel profile, giving all that could possibly be needed traction and balance
  •  The surface has less friction
  •  Useful and flexible for rough streets and cruises
  •  They might be perfect for starters.


  •  Quality of the designs paint is not as good as it should be.


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4. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels


best skateboard wheels

You may likewise discover the Powell Peralta Rat Bones Reissue Skateboard Wheels within the best skate wheels today. It functions well for cruising and skate parks. It is a noteworthy wheel, or, in other words, a good way to show off your skateboarding tricks at the park.

Another privilege that you will most likely love about the Rat Bones Reissue Skateboard Wheels from Powell Peralta is their endurance to ride astonishingly on modern streets. It is, as well, known to be anything but difficult to roll with and absolutely responsive. It provides you with a faster ride when contrasted with soft wheels while also handling more forceful slides and cuts.


  •  Perfect for cruising and skate parks.
  •  Boasts of its stability and traction.
  • Works rapidly yet easily.
  •  Simple to move while likewise being absolutely responsive.
  •  Can deal with more forceful slides and cuts.


  •  Many find it too small to play out some different tricks


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5. Excellent Wheels for All roads – Spitfire Formula 4 101d White W Red Skate Wheels (53 mm)

best skateboard wheels

You won’t likewise regret the Spitfire Classics, which comes as the brand’s Formula 4 101d White W Red Skate Wheels. It comes as a conformed wheel profile. While some vintage wheel shape is inapt of excelling in several conditions, you can still expect it to be appropriate in all cases.

The fortunate thing about the wheel is that it gives a smooth anti slick slide. It boasts of its 53 mm diameter and also its smoothness, enabling it to give less surface friction.


  •  Highlights a standard and great wheel profile and shape, making it reasonable for all situations.
  •  Anti-abrasion, in this way, averting flat spots – that is all on account of the utilization of Formula 4 urethane.
  •  Gives a controllable grip.
  •  Offers a long pace regardless of what road you slide it on.
  •  Has the privilege of having less surface friction.


  •  Not perfect as an indoor wheel.

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6. Bones Wheels STF V5 Annuals White Skateboard Wheels


best skateboard wheels

What’s so great about the Bones STF Skateboard V5 Wheels is that they are utilizing the Street Tech Formula (STF), which guarantees that the item will contain merely high-quality components. This kind of Street Tech Formula enables it to bring a great exhibition, particularly on the asphalt roads.


  •  Makes use of STF, turns it to an amazing street show
  •  Rough and fast, making it function admirably for slides
  • Highlights a high rebound as well as enhancing its speed and slide capabilities
  •  It can endure flat spots.
  •  It gives incredible balance and stability, traction, friction and grip.


  •  A little large for a few skaters.

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7. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels (52 mm)

You can likewise exploit the Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels with a 52-mm diameter. It arrives in an arrangement of 4 wheels, which are all known to be high-quality as well as being constructed to last.

It contains a 99a durometer. Such durometer makes it perfect on parks and pools as well as giving more grip as you contrast it with harder wheels. It likewise offers more slide when contrasted with soft wheels.

These 52-mm skateboard wheels can provide you with an extremely smooth ride whether you utilize it on the parks or the road. Firecracker Bighead functions admirably for riders with urban skills who are as well intending to skate street when necessary. The large wheel profile that it gives is the purpose for its noteworthy stability and traction.


  •  High-grade wheels that are made to last.
  • Perfect for use in parks and pools.
  •  Provides more grip in analogy with harder wheels and offers more slide when contrasted with soft wheels.
  •  Useful for riders with urban skills.
  • Noteworthy stability and traction– because of its wide wheel profile.


  •  Bearings are somewhat difficult to install on it.


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8. Finest Square Skateboard Wheels – Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a California Roll

best skateboard wheels

A standout amongst the most conspicuous characteristics of Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a California Roll is its sine-wave shaped. Such frame of these Shark wheels can be relied upon to roll rapidly as contrasted with the others. It is, as well, possible for them to endure rough streets and roads stunningly better than different wheels

It endures water, so, undoubtedly, they might be one among the most interesting wheels for rain. It is, as well, appropriate for longboards.


  •  Highlights a sine-wave frame, enabling it to move so fast.
  • Can deal with unpleasant streets and roads.
  •  Boasts of its remarkable slide control and also its capacity to endure cruising.
  •  Provides you with a smooth riding experience and a quiet ride.
  •  Appropriate for use on longboards.


  •  Its price is high.

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9. Unsurpassed Wheels for Cruising – Spitfire Classic Series High-Performance Wheel

The Spitfire Classic Series carries on astonishing the audience with its High-Performance Skateboard Wheels. It shows off of an indisputable, 99 hardness or durometer in its general construction. These cruising wheels are also well-designed, so there’s a chance that they work amazingly as well as being durable.

It works superbly for cruising, as well. Another preferred standpoint is its impeccable shape and also its capacity to endure corrosion. It has also a good grip, particularly when utilized on smooth and sliding surfaces. Yet, the pleasant painting of the wheel tends to get messed quicker than anticipated.


  •  Amazingly designed wheels, giving incredible performance and durability.
  •  Pleasant grip as well as boasting of an awesome balance of softness and hardness.
  • Does not make excessive noise.
  • Sufficiently hard to give you a chance to perform tricks while additionally working extremely well for cruising.
  •   It boasts of its wonderful and decent shape.


  •  Graphics are not that durable enough.


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10. Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels

Another wheel intended for skateboards and longboards that you may need to look at is the Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheel. It shows up extremely appealing, particularly at the first occasion when you see it. It boasts of its smooth design as additionally being accessible in various colors.

One additional thing that makes this wheel advantageous is its quality. It is solid enough that it endures cornering and flipping. Made of polyurethane fabric, it is guaranteed to have an incredible grip in addition to stun absorption capability.


  •  The appearance and design are alluring.
  •  Gloats of its smooth design while likewise being available in different colors.
  •  Solid enough to endure cornering and flipping.
  •  Polyurethane which it is made of is strong and shock absorbent.
  •  Strengthened with bearing spacers.


  •  Amid its first use, it produces a chemical smell.


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Buying the wheels that will satisfy your need may not be easy.  Finding the best skateboard wheels is without a doubt a noteworthy help in further making the most of your dearest sport called skateboarding. In any case, you can’t simply select wheels without figuring which one meets your requirements the most. On the off chance that you are frequently skating on asphalt and walkways, at that point it is best to search for wheels for asphalt and walkways, as well.

In the event that you are looking for one which you can use for freestyle tricks and skateboarding, at that point it is guaranteed that you can likewise find exceedingly reliable wheels for freestyle. Additionally, make sure that you are getting the correct size of wheels.

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