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How To Frontside 180 On A Skateboard For Beginners [ Step By Step ]

The frontside 180 this skateboard trick is pretty self-explanatory.

you pop an Ollie within your board and your body turn a 180 degrees frontside.

this trick definitely falls in the beginner category.

How To Frontside 180

To learn how to do a frontside 180 skateboard trick you need to know how to do a regular Ollie it’s doesn’t have to be too high or too crazy as long you can do a nice Ollie and besides that.

it really helps to be comfortable pivoting on your front truck that’s going to be a helping factor in properly disturbing your weight when you landing this trick.

the only main parts to 180 skateboard trick are the pop off the tail and the simultaneous turning of your shoulders and body for the frontside 180 and the landing.

how to frontside 180

the foot positioning for this trick is focused more on your back foot being on the heel side pocket this is where the scoop is going to come from in order to turn your board and your body frontside you may also want to have your front foot a little further up the board towards the bolts than you would for an Ollie because one of the main parts to this trick is switching your weight once you’ve turned half way through this trick to your front foot and pivoting on the nose.

essentially you just want to remember that your back foot isn’t right in the middle of the tail like an ollie after we put down into that heel side pocket.

before getting into practice steps I want to point out a few of the problems that I see most beginners having with this trick.

what you don’t want to do is pop a 180 like you’re doing an ollie trying to do a frontside rotation while doing this will just keep your weight off balance and more towards back when what you really want is to switch your weight over your front foot this seems to be the main problem when people are learning this trick and they can’t get the full rotation or they can’t rotate and roll away switch so there are 3 main movements that will come all together in order to give you a clean frontside 180.

Back Foot Movement

the first one is all in your back foot when you move your foot back towards the heel side pocket and you off and sort of push your foot forward it’s going to naturally cause the board to turn frontside it’s the same concept as a front side shove-it except for the 180 your body is rotating as well so practice putting your toes in that pocket and as you push down also push your foot forward in front of you it should be a relatively easy step and as you practice it a few times you can start to add the rotation of your body frontside you don’t have to land with both feet yet just get a feel for pushing down on the tail and scooping it forward in front of you.

Winding And Unwinding Rotation of Your Shoulders

the second important part of this trick is the winding and unwinding rotation of your shoulders this another important step which is often forgotten when beginners are learning this trick and it will cause you to not get the full 180-degree rotation when you roll up to do this trick you’re going to slightly swing your shoulders the opposite direction of your 180 and then once you pop you’re going to turn your shoulders frontside at around 90 degrees your shoulder should be opened up and then when you land they should follow through.

the reason why this step is so important is because your hips will naturally follow your shoulders and then your feet will follow your hips you can practice this step slowly at first just exaggerate the movement and eventually it will get a feel for what it’s like to turn your whole body, so if you combine the first two steps  of putting your foot in the heel side pocket and popping while you scoop the board and also turning your shoulders you should notice that you’re getting a 180 rotation but your weight may be landing still too far off balance, well one of the main goals of this trick is not to land in the fakie position but to land in the switch position as you roll away.

Shifting Your Weight To The Nose

which brings us to our third and most important step shifting your weight to the nose and giving a slight pivot the reason that this is so important is because when you’re first learning this trick you may not be popping them very high and thus you might not be able to get a full rotation landing slightly on your nose for the pivot allows you to fully rotate the trick without having to pop it fully in the air, this is why I said, in the beginning, you should be pretty comfortable rotating on your front trucks even if you’re not lifting the back wheels up very high.

so once you’re comfortable landing on your nose and slightly pivoting what you’re going to want to do is just combine the first two steps with this one, put your foot in the heel side pocket, pop like an Ollie and swing your shoulders frontside at the same time you do this your front foot should slide up the nose and over the wheels  and you should start to push your front foot down so the nose of the board hits the ground first from there the frontside rotation of your shoulders should start to engage your hips in the frontside rotation of your body.

keep in mind you don’t always have to pivot 180 this is more for a beginner who’s learning the trick at first might not able to pop the highest or rotate their body the fastest so essentially you want to make sure that you’re not pushing straight down on the tail you want to put your foot in the heel side pocket and give the board  somewhat of a scoop as you turn your body you want to put some emphasis on turning your shoulders so that you make sure you get the full rotation and most importantly you want to make sure you can shift your weight in the front of the board as you turn 180 so that way you can ride away cleanly switch instead of being in that awkward fakie position, there’s really not too much to this trick and it’s easy enough that you can practice while stationary.

it’s really basic trick and once you have them down they’re really fun to do, very useful for getting up curbs and down curb and other situations.

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