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How To Hold Bowling Ball Like Pros [ 5 Tips – Updated]

Figuring out how to hold bowling ball is the key in making good ball releasing and particularly significant for amateur bowlers.

To begin with, the way by which a bowler embeds his or her fingers inside and thumb in the bowling ball as well as supporting the weight of the ball as having the position on the methodology of the lane is regularly alluded to as the “grip

The best way to hold a bowling ball for beginners is to use a decent grasp that empowers you to appropriately throw the ball and in this way, you could make an accurate release.

Discovering how to hold a bowling ball effectively starts with being able to control the weight of the ball in your weak hand. Also, delicately put your bowling fingers, usually put both middle fingers of your bowling hand, and your thumb into the openings of the bowling ball. Ensure your fingers have gone inside to the extent that the openings offer, the same goes for your thumb as well.

How To Hold bowling ball for beginners

Put Your Fingers Inside The Ball

In case you’re utilizing the famous 3-opening bowling ball, put your strong hand thumb inside the bigger bottom opening and your center and ring fingers inside the two adjoining gaps at the top.

Utilize both hands to get hold of the ball

Rest the ball in your powerful hand, yet utilize the help of your free hand to support the ball from the other side as you move ahead on the direction of the lane. This enables you to control the ball and makes you avoid making your bowling hand feel heavy.

Don’t Hold The Ball Too Tightly

Hold the ball softly. On the off chance that your hold is excessively tight, you will certainly find difficulties throwing the ball with accuracy, and this will contrarily affect your aim. The ball must be slid out of your fingers easily with no constraints.

The Right Grasp is Obligatory

How you hold your ball is critical in bowling. Your grasp influences how good you could control the ball speed. it manages the release of your ball and it retains a steady rev-rate which helps control where your ball is heading.

Your grasp likewise makes your shot more accurate as well as keeping your shots unsurprisingly good and predictable.

Find The Right Bowling Ball

Your grasp ought to consistently be agreeable, having enough space in the openings will permit your fingers to simply get in and out amid both actions standing and releasing the ball.

On the off chance that the holes of your bowling ball are tight to the point you feel your fingers stuck, it could make your fingers bleed or rip off your fingernails

The most ideal approach to realize that you have the right fit is to take your ball to an expert bowling shop.

You could get a brilliant ball that gets destroyed by a not well-fitted hold, bringing terrible performance and low scores. Setting off to an expert shop and having specialists measure your hand size and drill decreases the odds of your ball getting failed.

The number of holes you can use to throw the ball

as clear as it is, a big portion of a successful shot relies on how you grip the ball. the way you hold the ball can affect the way the game is going.

2 Holes

the grasp of the two-finger hold, the bowler will embed his middle finger in the central opening, the thumb remains out. the majority of bowlers utilize the two-finger grip due to the way it helps bowlers control the ball much more than the other methods.

3 holes

The most well-known and pertinent bowling ball holes hold is the three holes method. you put three fingers inside the bowling ball. your ring finger, as well as your middle finger, must be put in a triangular shape on top of the ball. the index finger and the pinky one will be placed on the ball sides.

The solitary hole in the base of the ball is for your thumb to go inside, making a grasp that enables you to grasp and hold your ball with just three fingers.

This method of holding the ball enables the bowler to take full control of rolling and releasing of the ball as well. all your fingers work as a team to male the ball move as you wish even you want to curve it.

4 Holes

Numerous individuals switch up to a 4 gap grasp for one reason among two. Reducing weight on the fingers utilized in a 3 opening grasp (particularly if the bowler experiences joint inflammation) or attempting to make a more grounded hold for more control.
While it is typically the pinky that is set into the ball in a 4 gap grasp a few bowlers utilize their pointer, frequently with different results.

5 Holes

as you switch to 5 openings grasp the whole of your fingers are inside the ball. This reduces weight, disseminate pressure and makes you work on control as well. A drawback to this hold is that you have all of your fingers inside the ball and along these lines, much more factors to control during your ball throwing.

No Holes

No hole method of bowling is the way within which none of your fingers are inside the ball, rather, the bowling ball is supported on your hand, the palm will be the ball holder.

As there are some discussions about the legalization of utilizing this hold in leagues, it ought to be viewed as legal if your palm covers the ‘thumb hole’ zone.

The Two Different Basic Grips

there are two famous grips that bowlers use. each one among the two has its unique characteristics. the way you hold the ball influences how it rolls on the oiled lane. the first one is the conventional grip, while the other is the fingertip grip.

The Conventional Grip

is the grip which the majority of bowlers use, especially beginners because it is simple and has a good reputation. this grip is characterized with the way you use to hold the ball with your fingers. so as to do it right you have to put your thumb in the holes which are located in the lower side of the ball. also, you place your middle finger, as well as, your ring finger inside the dual-hole that are found beyond the hole which has your thumb. and then, point your pointer and your pinky fingers against the ball so as to control its weight.

The Fingertip Grip

is the one in which you hold the ball with the tip of your fingers. it is the approach that professional bowlers use so as to throw accurate shots. this method enables the player to increase the curve and if you do it correctly the ball goes as accurate as you desire. so as to do it ideally, you will need to put your thumb completely in the lower hole. moreover, you insert the tips of other fingers inside the two holes above until you reach your first knuckle.


The balls are drilled based on the heaviness of the ball but not to fit a specific bowler’s grip. Nevertheless, the heavier the ball weights, your odds increase to throw an accurate shot that will destroy the pins. you might stumble upon a none heavy house ball that has been constructed to fit your fingers. keep in mind that you will need to find a ball that fits your standards. In the event that you make up your mind and think that bowling is something you are not kidding about, take into account going to buy a ball which will be specially made to fit your hand

be humble and take your game to the next level. Make sure to look for a ball-drilling specialist who has been ensured by the International Bowling Pro Shop as well as the Instructor’s Association.
try not to press the drilled holes with your fingers as long as could be expected. Doing as such will eventually make you throw the ball at various occasions amid your swing.
Continuously hang tight for the ball to totally stop on the ball return incline before lifting it up.
This will keep your fingers from getting caught between the bowling balls and wounds your hand.

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how to hold a bowling ball for beginners
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