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How To Pop Shove It For Beginners In 2021 – Updated

How To Pop Shove it For Beginners

this is a pretty basic beginner skateboard trick that involves popping the board, letting it rotates 180 degrees and land it back on, Generally, this skateboard trick is considered a beginner trick and it should be learned sometime soon after ollies, the only things that you should really know how to do before learning how to pop shove it for beginners.

just being really comfortable riding on your board and knowing how to distribute your weight back before and also just straight up Ollies.

those should help you with your weight distribution and especially knowing how to pop the tail and stay on top of the board.

so the only real parts to this trick are the pop and scoop, the catch and the land also take note that the catch is optional but we’ll get into that a little later.

I think foot positioning for this trick is pretty easy because I set my feet up basically exactly like I do an ollie, your front foot should be in the center of the board facing forward and your back foot is right in the center of the tail.

so first things first to learn how to pop shove it for beginners we’re going to learn how to scoop with the back foot.

this is a pretty simple concept but I thought it would be good to help you visualize when you pop and ollie your back foot tends to push straight down off the ground so the board doesn’t move and do anything weird.

well, the scoop slash pop for a pop shove-it is almost the same except instead of pulling your foot straight down you’re pulling it down and behind you and that’s done mainly by pushing your back foots toes down and back towards where your heel is.

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Scooping Motion

so our first step is going to be to get that scooping motion so we’re not just popping straight down.

this is the easiest step and it’s going to feel or look kind of stupid but stick with them.

while standing off to the side of your board just put your back foot on in the foot position I mentioned earlier and try doing what I said to push down with your toes but also scooping your foot backwards so the board’s going to turn 180.

for right now the board is probably going to go 360 or fly away from you but that really doesn’t matter what we’re trying to do is get the rotation going.

Stopping The Rotation

the next step is to start stopping this rotation and you can just use the same back foot so give it a little scoop and once you see that a point 180 put that foot back down to stop the rotation.

eventually, you’re going to want to start catching the board with your front foot instead of your back foot so basically do the same exact thing except instead of sticking your back foot out, put your front foot over the board and press down once it’s turned 180 even if you’re not really popping this trick super high you’re still going to want to learn how to hover that front foot over the board.

in order to stop the rotation also now that we have both feet on the board.

so keep practicing the two main motions of popping with your back foot and scooping it backwards behind you and also leaving your front foot up in the air in order to catch the board and stop its rotation.

keeping your weight sort of leaned forward over the board when you leave your front foot up there hanging is going to be what’s going to help you to jump forward and land on the board with both feet eventually.

Land With Both Feet On The Board

the next step to learn pope shove it trick is to actually to start land with both feet on the board.

like I said before even you’re not popping this skateboard trick really high the concept is the same you are going to scoop with your back foot jump forward to land on the top of the board.

especially when you’re standing still and trying this trick you’re going to jump forward in order to stay above your board something that really helps while trying this trick is holding onto something it’s a little weird because you can’t really be facing the object because your board just run into but if you can just hold on with one hand it can give you a lot of confidence and get over the fear of falling just in case you do slip out or land wrong so now it’s time to take all of these steps and start trying  them while rolling.

you’re going to go through all the same procedures.

first, just start by trying to pop and scoop the tail letting the board just go wherever I’m just trying to get the rotation then start going board a little bit gentler of a scoop and putting your front foot over in order to catch it make sure your front foot kinda just goes up and stays over the board the whole time and presses down when it needs to also when your front foot is coming up make sure that you’re not accidentally flicking or pushing the board in a weird way that’s going to cause it to flip over it.

it essentially comes straight up and over the board and then hangs there and then press down so if you’ve gotten to this point and you have all of these steps down then it shouldn’t be too hard of a transition to finally get that back foot on there and land the trick.

make sure you’re jumping forward over the board not just with your legs but with your whole body don’t accidentally flip or over rotate the board and then you just got to put your feet down.


so quick recap to learn how to pope shove it for beginners.

you should learn how to scoop the board with your back foot then learn how to scoop the board and catch it with your front foot make sure when you pop and jump you’re leaning forward over the board and then put both feet down and then take all of these steps and implement them while you are rolling.

and I’ve said it a few times but I just want to reiterate you don’t really need to be popping this trick almost at all I can just do all the same steps but only doing a little scoop and barely pressing down it’s a good way to try this trick if you are having trouble getting the pop down and if you practice enough you’ll eventually be able to add the pop in order to get nice high pop shove it.