12 Easy Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

if you are looking for the easiest skateboard tricks for beginners then you are in the right place.

I’m going to recommend a list of basic and easy skateboarding tricks for you to learn.

12 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks

so here are 12 easy skateboard tricks to make beginners look good.

Chinese Nollie

The first one is the Chinese Nollie, this is an easy cool looking trick to pull when you just cruising around, all you have to do is give the board a little push forward to bounce the front wheels off of a crack and this will cause the board to pop up of the ground you really don’t need to know any other tricks for this other than being able to do a little hop on the nose of your board  just keep in mind that you’re not actually hitting the noise on the ground to do an ollie you’re just barely lifting the back wheels up and the rest of it just staying on top of the board.


number two is Biebelheimer this one isn’t really a trick but it’s a cool way to jump on your board maybe start off a line this one involves just throwing the board upside down having to hit the ground and flip over and jumping on it all you have to do is grab the board with your thumb on the bottom of the nose and your fingers on the opposite side then turn the board around 180 so the grip tape will hit the ground when you throw it down and the most important part is making sure the board is angled slightly to the left or the right when you throw it down and that’s what’s going to cause it to flip over, you can pretty much practice standing still by just throwing your board upside down on the ground and getting it to flip over,  just make sure you’ve done that part right before you commit or you’re probably going to fall, also you don’t have to scrape the tail on the ground I just think it makes it a little bit easier.

Nollie shove it

number 3 is the Nollie shove it, in my opinion, this is one of the  easiest skateboard tricks for beginners, you barely even have to put your foot on the nose and you don’t even have to pop it all it takes is the smallest shove motion with your feet and the tiniest little hop and that’s all you need.

you don’t need to put your foot too far up on the nose it just needs to be barely in that pocket so you can get the scoop and just practice the shove motion by pushing your foot slightly down and pulling it back.


number 4 is the boneless another really easy trick because you don’t actually have to pop the board it’s more about dropping it  and jumping off your foot, this a fun trick to take down gaps or over things and you really don’t need to know any other tricks before this one all it really takes is setting your feet up in a position when your front foot can easily come off the side and onto the ground at the same time you just leave your back foot on and grab the board with either your right hand if your regular or your left hand if you’re goofy jump off your foot and jump back on the board it’s a really easy trick which can be made to look pretty cool.

Fakie frontside 180

trick number  5 is fakie frontside 180, as long you can ride fakie and pop your board, your momentum basically does the rest of the work this trick can be done frontside or backside, I personally think frontside is the easiest but either way this trick is super easy it’s basically a fakie frontside pivot with a tiny little pop add it in so really all you need to know is any height of Ollie and a fakie frontside pivot and put them together.

I don’t even think you need to learn  fakie Ollie’s for this one because the momentum just helps you around so easily normally with the rotation tricks you kind of have to wind up your shoulders but I don’t even think that’s necessary for this one just pop twist your body and land back on the board.

The Hippie jump

hippie jump is another easy skateboard trick for beginners which can be made to look really cool if you throw it in a line or just while you cruising this trick is so easy because all you need to know how to do is a jump.

the main important factors here are that when you jump you don’t accidentally press down on the tail or the nose and also when you come back down from the jump you don’t land on the tail or the nose basically just stand right above the bolts and land right back on the bolts make sure you have enough speed to clear the object but also when you jump off the board make sure you don’t lean forward and push the board backward to stop it so just practice jumping the whole bunch and you’ll probably get this one pretty fast it can be kind of scary not seeing where going to land first but the good thing about this trick is you can start small and work your way up.

The Rail stand

trick number 7 is the rail stand also known as a primo this trick is basically the basis of other freestyle tricks.

all you have to do is set your feet up so your front foot will be pushing down and off the side of the board in order to flip it over basically giving it enough pressure until it flips onto its side and while that happens your back is kind of hanging over the back wheel and as the board turns you step over and on top of it then right after that you bring your front foot back up to the other truck and you’re standing on your rail and after that all it takes is a slight push forward and down with your heels and you’re right back on top of the board, it’s definitely best to learn trick while holding onto something so you don’t fail but it only takes a few times and you start to get the feelings down and it’s not too hard.

Fakie Casper flop

trick 8 is fakie casper flop, pretty sure that’s not a real name for it but I’m not sure what to call it basically using the same pressure mechanic with your front foot that you did in the rail stand you use that to flip the board over onto its back and you place your back foot on the tail and flip the board over it’s a lot easier than it sounds and all it really takes is practicing while standing still at times just like with the earlier tricks the reason this one is so much easier is because you rolling fakie and the momentum lets you flip the board so much easier you can practice while standing still by putting your board upside down into the Casper position and trying to flip it back over with your front and back foot but honestly I think this a lot easier while you’re actually rolling fakie, so just practice flipping the board over with your front foot by pressing down and off to the side and then practice flipping it back over with both your feet then put both these motions together and you have the fakie caspar flop.

The 180 no comply

trick number 9 you’ve probably seen a lot of variations of these recently is the 180 no comply this is a relatively easy trick because it’s no comply trick which means one your feet comes off and you get to put it on the ground for a second which a few beginners may prefer instead of having to actually pop the board and stay in the air with it it’s pretty simple concept that’s basically the beginning of a frontside 180 except your front foot comes off to the side and you complete the rest of it and jump back on, just like with boneless you just want your front foot to be in a location where it can easily step off the board and your back should just be slightly on the tail so you can some pop out of it and some spin and then you just press down and scoop the tail around kind of like a frontside, shove it, kind of like a frontside 180 but you don’t need to know either of those tricks to do this one first.

you can practice the stepping off motion while just standing still and same with the back foot scooping motion and eventually just put them together and make sure that you back onto the board.

Bomb drop

Trick number 10 bomb drop

all this trick entails is grabbing your board jumping off something and landing back on your board physically the trick is extremely easy all it takes is a little bit of confidence and the good news is you can do this trick anywhere from jumping off the ground to off the top of a huge building all you have to do is get confident jumping off whatever you want to do the bomb drop off, you can also practice by putting your board at the bottom and jumping off and landing on your board and then you just put the two together by putting your board in your hand jumping off and throwing it under your feet.



trick number 11 the powerslide this is a fun little thing to do when you’re cruising at fast speed and you either want to stop slow down or change your stance all that this trick requires is a good amount of speed the turning of the board with your feet and making sure you lean back enough usually you use your back foot to push the tail and turn the board 90 degrees but this movement may be a little hard if you’re a beginner so a little trick to get into these a little easier is to practice pivots on your front truck and then when you are comfortable with that try letting off the weight of your back foot just enough that your wheels one you can come up but you’re going to turn the board 90 degrees and then just lean back and keep your feet pushed in front of you, leaning back and speed are king things for this trick and if you have too little of either one of those you’ll probably end up stopping and falling forward
once you get comfortable with the front foot you can try doing the real way which is using your back foot and you end up with a pretty stylish.


Wall bounce

trick number 12 is wall bounce this trick is borderline circus trick but if you pull it off right you can actually make it look pretty good basically you roll straight up to a wall kick the board out and let it hit the wall and then bounce off and jump back on it, this is a good one because all you need to know is kicking the board out in front of you just keep in mind that when all four wheels hit a flat surface evenly it should bounce up pretty straight otherwise if it’s crooked the board will end up flipping, so just practice kicking your board out a few times and then roll up and kick it straight at a wall, you want to keep your front foot up in the air so that when the board bounces off you can put your foot onto it and jump off your back foot and land back on the board.

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