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4 Skateboarding Terms That New Skateboarders Should Know

This list of skateboarding terms is aimed at those beginner skaters who are new to the board and may have heard some terms that are not familiar with.

Skateboarding Terms

Here 4 skateboarding terms that all new skateboarders should know.

Goofy Or Regular Skateboarding

Skateboarding Termsat first, we have a pretty easy one with regular and goofy, if you skate with your left foot forward towards the nose while you’re rolling then you skate regular, whether you push regular or Mongo just know that your left foot forward means you skate regular so naturally if you prefer to do the opposite from skate with your right foot forward that means you skate goofy.

Switch, Fakie

I’m gonna explain this one from the starting point of a regular stance skater.
if you normally skate regular then you change it up and start to skate goofy that means you’re skating switch because you’ve switched your stance from regular to goofy.
and finally, if you’re standing switch and you step up to the nose of your board you would now be in a fakie position which I guess you could think of in your head as either a switch nollie or just riding backward and doing an Ollie.
so these are pretty easy concepts that you should able to get down and remember that if you skate goofy normally all of this is going to be reversed for you.


this one can technically mean one of two things, the first one being the amount life left in the tail of your skateboard which will diminish the more that the tail gets worn away causing you to have lower Ollie’s but we’re gonna talk about the other kind of pop which is literally when you hit your tail against the ground in almost every trick trip you’ll hear someone say that you have to pop the tail off the ground or that you need to pop your tail in a certain way or a certain height in order to do a trick, well pop is what happens when you slam down on the tail or the nose of your board hitting it against the ground and causing it to fly up into the air this is the key concept behind Ollie’s, 180s, pop shove it and pretty every much every flip trick.


a flick is a certain type of motion done by one of your feet causes the board to flip over.
some beginners can get a little confused because they think that for a kickflip you just pop the tail and then kick the board but there’s a little bit more to flick thank just kicking outwards, I would say that flick actually consists of about three little parts the first would be when your foot is sliding up the board and it’s turned over sideways almost like you rolled your ankle, the second part which is more important part your front foot comes to the edge of either the nose or the tail of your board and it quickly flicks outwards which is essentially just pushing out with your toes and straightening your foot back up and then the final part is just following through with that foot to make sure that you give enough power with the flick understanding this concept of flick is really what’s going to open up the world of flick tricks for you and just know that once you have this down not really something that you have to break down and about when you’re doing something like a kickflip it kind of becomes second nature and you’ll just naturally know how to flick your foot inside off the side of the board.

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he makes a lot of “how to” videos that you as a beginner could benefit from.

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