5 Tips To Not Look Like A Beginner Skater

5 Tips To Not Look Like A Beginner Skater

Skateboarding is a kind of sport that involves action and performing tricks by using a skateboard.

People may use a skateboard in many ways, it may be a form of art, as a transportation and entertaining job.

Some tips to avoid looking like a beginner

beginner skater

First of all, it is OK to be a beginner, not a shame, but these tips will help you to avoid people laughing at you.

How to get on your skateboard

First, you got to find an appropriate one for you. There are lots of types and size and also the price you need. There is even a beginner skateboard that will cost you between 50 -150 dollars.

First for your safety and second to get your money’s value.

Put on a show made for this kind of action to easily move and grip the board with your feet. There are skate shoes sold out there such as Vans, Osiris. These footwear also will enable you to do the tricks needed in this kind of sport.

In the beginning, people should put safety gear on their head, knees, and elbows to protect them from serious injuries. At first, avoid skating in areas with skate pros and practice at first in sideways or side streets that have a level surface with no pebbles on it.

So when you are ready to skate with pros go to skate parks.

The way you get on your board can be a dead giveaway to how experienced you are in skateboard usually you will see the extremely new skaters carefully placing their board on the ground and setting up their feet and then start to push, well if you want to look a bit more comfortable the best way to do it is to learn how throw the board while running and then jumping on, not only this will make you look like you know what you’re doing but it’s also an easy and fun way gain speed quickly just make sure you are comfortable riding first and then practice throwing your board down as you run forward and then jumping on with your front foot first and start pushing

How to pick up your skateboard

The most basic pick up is where you press down on your tail and as it pops up you grab it by the nose.

Also you could learn faster ways of stopping and picking up your board like the nose pick

Slowing down on your skateboard

There are a lot of ways to slow down some are cool and some ruin your shoes, knowing how to slow down on your skateboard in a controlled and stylish manner not only makes you look like you know what are you doing on your board but in some cases like a powerslide can also be considered a trick.

What you don’t want to do is drag the toe of your shoe or the tail of your board on the ground

How to stop on your Skateboard

Don’t try ever to jump while you are moving on grass or when you are heading towards a step, try to move from side to side or pushing your right leg harder on the board to step off and put your left foot on the tail of the board then pick it up.

How to push your skateboard

The key to getting a good push which also means more speed to control and style is keeping all of your weight over your foot that’s on the board and only slightly letting off when you push off the ground also using your leg that’s pushing fully by extending it ahead of you and getting a full push rather than just giving little baby pushes helps a lot.

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